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Happy Birthday dagmarb from The Challenge group,
Happy Birthday dagmarb, from: The Challenge Group
Dritter Platz im Wettbewerb der Gruppe Tierfreund
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship Dagmar (dagmarb) ♦
Congratulations Dagmarb, You are our 1st Place Winner In The #32 Little Heaven Sents,12-13-14
Congratulations Dagmarb,You are our 1st Place Winner In The #29 Little Heaven Sents.11-21-14
We have a winner in Fairy Fridays #17,Congratulations Dagmarb,11-14-14.
Congratulations Dagmarb,You Are 1ST Place Winner In Angels And Heaven Sents,10-15-14
We Have A Winner,In Fairy Fridays, It Is Dagmarb
Mein Freund dagmarb
Congradulations Dagmarb,1ST Place Winner,In The Little Heaven Sents.7-22-14
Winner Is Dagmarb,7-2-14,by preciousbaby63

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