saint seiya omega

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Raki holding and seeing the Yellow card and Selene is angry face of Gender Bender*!!!
Raki vs Selene pulling himself on the nose of Gender Bender*!!!
Raki and Selene making a great friendship*!!!
Aquarius Tokisada Angry face #6*!!!
Appendix Raki love Chibi Aries Kiki*!!!
Pisces Amor is pretty*!!!
Aries Raki*!!!
Scorpio Sonia and Aquarius Tokisada in spring*!!!
Pisces Amor with water blue bubbles and fishies*!!!
Aquarius Tokisada Angry Face #4*!!!
Pisces Amor pink #2*!!!
Aquarius Tokisada and Raki passion #7 in the night*!!!

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