Why is it that Jonas fans hardly like Kevin? He has the looks, the personality, the brain...why? When ever you go to the store Justice (used to be Limited Too) they only sell Joe and Nick stuff. WHY!!?!?!?!?!!? Kevin is a Jonas Brother too and he needs love!! I cried when I went to the store wanting a Kevin pin or notebook but of course all you can find was Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas!! I just want an answer...why do Jonas fans hate kevin? Well if you hate Kevin then you need to go die becuase without Kevin the Jonas brothers wouldn't be a succsessful band! And I am happy for his marrage becuase Danielle is making him happy and Jonas fans should really stop putting her down too. Don't you just want them to be happy? I know I do. 97% of JOnas fans would throw a party and be happy if Kevin Jonas announced that he wasn't apart of the Jonas Brothers anymore. 3% Would cry their eyes out and I am one of them. If you hate Kevin then why do you call yourself a fan? Why do you even bother? People say he is fugley and I say he's sexy....just because he is more mature than Joe and Nick doesn't mean you can hate on him....and I don't know about you but I would want a real man...not one who tries to act like a real man when a girl walks by!!Peace.Love.Kevin :D You say Hannah Montana, I say Jonas Brothers, You say Nick Jonas, I say Kevin Jonas, You say he's ugly, I say he's sexy, You say he should leave, I say you should leave, You say I'm weird, I say hellz yeah! Get over it!!
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awesomeItzelle dit:

Il y a 3634 jours
yes this is so trueeee i agree with everythinq and great blingee cuz i love them sexiii pictures ;D this is so goinq in my faves!!! kevin totes deserves more love and i am part of that 3% KEVIN JONAS ROX!!!! LOVE HIM WIT ALL MY HEART I AM A SUPPORTER

jonasbro101 dit:

Il y a 3635 jours
AWESOME! i love it! i agree with that whole thing!

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