WhAt? HuH? sErIoUsLy?(episode 2) i hate tawni!!!

WhAt? HuH? sErIoUsLy?(episode 2) i hate tawni!!!
fanny:lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucy: WHAT? Fanny:well i went to walters house yesterday night cause it was his birthday right? lucy:ya i know fanny:well i came over there and tawni wasthere lucy: Tawni was there????? i am going to hurt her fanny:thats not even the worst part! walter said i am sorry i cannot go out with you anymore because he was dating tawni!and then tawni started kissing him!yasmine:hey y'all what up lucy: fanny i got this yasmine well tawni has stole walter from fanny and we need to hurt her yasmine:(chewing gum) k tawni: hey i love my new boyfriend thanks fanny selena:(screams) i hate you tawni!!!!!speaker:yasmine lucy and fanny 2 the principals office! tawni:and oh ya i may have told on you lucy:what did you say tawni:you are just a little third wheel you don't need to know yasmine:lucy fanny come on ~~AT THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE~~ lucy:kayla gigi? why are you here kayla:tawni told on us and she did not tell us why gigi:i asked her and she said i was just a stupid third wheel!lucy: thats what she said to me! walter:fanny can i speak to you yasmine:why is everyone in the principals office! fanny:what did you need to talk about walter:i am sorry i broke up with tawni fanny:soooo are you getting back together with me? walter:yes! gigi:i hate tawni so much kayla:me 2 lucy: me 3 fanny: me 4 yasmine:me 5 walter: me 6 principal:u won an award yasmine:what? gigi:who? lucy:why principal: all of u! kayla:what? fanny:why? princpial:you get to work for the 6th graders everyone:oooooo lucy:why? principal:all of ur names were chosen randomly and yasmine no chewing gum yasmine:ya sorry principal:ok go have a meeting and pick who does what subject here walter take the list.~~SHOULD EITHER~~A. they find a way for them to not have to work themselves~~OR~~ B. should they get a sixth grader 2 do it???
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coracora2008 dit:

Il y a 3844 jours
gorgeous! great montage!5*+++++++++++++

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mileylover4eva dit:

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