justin bieber luv story part #7

justin bieber luv story part #7
Allie: *gets up* Well I gotta go, Stacy's coming home, and I really wanna be there, So bye *hugs Justin* Bye Christian *smiles* Justin: But wait, I wanna come with you *puppy dog eyes* Allie: Okay fine *smiles* POV How can I resist that beautiful face. Justin: *smiles* Christian: Hey I feel left out, I wanna come too! Justin: *puts his arm around Allie* No *smiles back at him playfully and walks to the limo with Allie* *In the limo* Allie: Turn here, I said to the chauffer Thanks. *gets out of the car* Justin: *gets out too* *They're standing in front of eachother* Allie: Come *takes his hand and leads him to the swings in the back* Justin: *sits down on one of the swings* Allie: *sits down on his lap* Justin: *talking like he's being crushed* Uhhh.....you're squishing me!! Allie: *gets up* Ugh *scoffs* Justin: I'm kidding *smiles* Allie: *sits back down on him* You're a jerk *kidding* Justin: I know, A jerk that loves you *smiles* *Back door opens and someone comes out* Stacy: Allie, what are you- ... Who is that? Allie: Uhh, this is Justin, I told you about him remember? Stacy: Justin Bieber?!! OMG Are you serious *turns on the light* OMG OMG *covers her mouth* Justin: *laughs* Allie: Uhh Stacy.... Stacy: Oh sorry *goes back inside* Allie: *laughs* Sorry, she loves you *laughs* Justin: Trust me, I get that a lot Allie: Yeah, I would've never thought. *kidding* Justin: * smiles a bit* So I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Allie: I love you, Bye Justin: I love you too.*kisses her* Allie: Bye *Justin leaves and Allie goes inside* Allie: Hey Stace! I'm so happy you're home! Stacy: Yeah, me too, I guess *pissed* Allie: So, how was it in Toronto? Stacy: ..... Allie: Stacy Stacy:....... Allie: What's wrong Stacy: How could you?! Allie: What?! Stacy: How could you go out with Justin and not tell me! Allie: Oh.... Stacy: Yeah, oh Allie: I didn't tell you cuz I knew you were gonna tell mom, plus I didn't really want anyone to know. Stacy: Oh so now you're saying you don't trust me! Allie: Well, maybe I don't!! Stacy: How dare you! You now I liked Justin since I first saw him! Allie: Well you don't have to worry now, cuz Mom isn't letting us go out!! *walks into her room and slams the door* POV: Ughhhhhh Mom: Girls!! Come downstairs!! Allie: *goes downstairs* Stacy: *already at the table* Allie: *rolls her eyes* Mom: Okay, well I'm going to pick up your father, and I want you girls to come. Allie: Whatever Stacy: No I don't wanna go. Mom: Why not? Stacy: Anywhere she's going, I'm not coming Allie: *scoffs* Fine with me Mom: Enough girls! We're all going and that's final, now in the car. *At the hospital* Allie: Daddy! Dad: Hi sweeetie Allie: I missed you so much Daddy, I haven't seen you in such a while. *hugs him* Stacy: Daddy *runs to him* *hugs him* Allie: *rolls her eyes* I'm going to the snack bar *walks downstairs* Christian: Allie? Allie: *turns around* Oh Hey Christian. What are you doing here? Christian: My sister, she got in a boat accident Allie: Oh, I'm so sorry Christian: It's okay. SO why are you here? Allie: My dad got in a car accident *laughs a bit* Christian: I'm sorry too is he okay? Allie: Yeah he's fine, he's coming home today. Christian: Oh that's good. *In the hospital room* Mom: Okay hun, are you ready to go? Dad: Yeah, let's go. Where's Allie? Stacy: Who cares Mom: Stop it Stacy, She went to the snack bar downstairs. Dad: Okay, I'll go get her, you guys can wait in the car. Mom: Okay, let's go Stacy *walks out with Stacy* Dad: *goes downstairs* Allie let's go- Oh who's this? Allie: This is my friend Christian Christian: Hi Dad: Uhh, Yeah let's go Allie. *walks to the car* Allie: Bye Christian *smiles* Christian: Bye
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nikkilovesjb90 dit:

Il y a 3165 jours
I read all the stories! i love it

lindsie02 dit:

Il y a 3925 jours
nice blingee

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