When we gave our first kiss( Please read the story under the bling)

When we gave our first kiss( Please read the story under the bling)
I remember that night of February, when u knocked at my window... And right after I opened it and asked: what are u doing here?and then u answered: come, I have something I want to show u... U hold by hands and jumped without thinking of how high we were... The truth was that u were a wizard whoo was consumed by a demon and I was a young girl turned by a witch to an old lady... Because of that curse I had become by own family's servant woman, but when I met u it all changed... Every time we were together, it was like nothing bad could happen, I could be young again and u could be human... That night which I shall never forget, u took me to this marvelous and extraordinary secret place... It looked like an hidden forest by the city of london that no one ever knew about... There was an waterfall that because of the moon would glow and the plants would look so bright... And after that you looked at me right in the eye and told me: I love u: Lena, more than anything else on the world! This shall be ur secret get away just summon it with ur heart whenever u miss me and we shall be here together... Right after u said such words my heart beated more faster than ever... I even looked like my real age and I could see u just the way u truly were... And suddenly with such an peaceful soun dof the water of the waterfall u got very close to me and gave me a kiss... For one moment we had become one and I had close my eyes and got involved into an infinite dream... But after such thing happened a heared a whisper that got more far way: One day we shall be together and then my heart shall belong to you... But when I opened my eyes I was at my room dressed with my night clothes and with the look of that 90 year old lady, but anyway I wouldn't mind because my my mind and spirit was still in the time when we gave our first kiss....
Créé par: Teengodees

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ShelobsLair dit:

Il y a 841 jours
An interesting concept to include a story with your creation! So Original! 
And your artwork is really fabulous! 5*****

Mina918 dit:

Il y a 3788 jours
superb story +___+...some things are so real and fantastic...love it!!!

JuLiEJuLiSsA3 dit:

Il y a 3803 jours
Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh that story almost sounded, like a dream, I had years ago, but this is absolutely beautiful, love it, 5*****************************:-)

mejserr dit:

Il y a 3803 jours
Beautiful story... but let them be together in the next... please!!!!! hehehehehe

sweetterror dit:

Il y a 3803 jours
that was so sweet and romantic they eminate such love and happiness! wonderful story! 5* :)

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