Wh@t@ Y@ W@nt From Me Episode 5-''Mad World

Wh@t@ Y@ W@nt From Me Episode 5-''Mad World
*Luci walks into the cafeteria and see's Ashley and Adam sitting together but Kris at another table alone* Luci:Hey guys! Why is Kris sitting alone? *Ashley and Adam looks at eachother and shrugs their shoulders* Luci:*looks over at Kris* I'm gonna go sit with him. *walks over to Kris* Luci:Hey Kris! You okay? *sits down and puts her hand on Kris' shoulder* Kris:*looks up @ Luci* not really... *looks down again* Luci: Do you wanna talk about it? Kris:*smiles* Yeah but, can we be alone, you know just you and me. Luci:*smiles* Sure what about after school? Kris: Sounds great! *after school Luci meets Kris at his house* Luci:Hi Kris! Kris:Hi Luci! *they sit down on the bed in Kris' room* Luci:Do you wanna tell me what's been bugging you? Kris: Sure...You see, it seems like my world is falling apart! Luci:What do mean? Kris:Well, Katy and I broke up, my mom is stuck battling diabetes, but the thing is that she's pregnant with my baby sister Luci:Oh man, that's terrible! Kris:and it feels like i'm the only one supporting her because...i never told anyone else this but, after my father got her pregnant again, he left us alone! *stands up and walks to a picture of him and his father* Luci:I'm sorry terribly sorry Kris:Me too! Luci:For what? Kris: I'm sorry that i didn't try stopping my father from leaving *Kris closes his hands and looks down* Ugh! I can't live like this anymore! *grabs the picture and throws it to the floor causing it to shatter everywhere & throws everything off his shelf* Luci:*gasp* Kris! Kris! Kris! Stop! *spins him around and holds on to him, letting him cry on her shoulder* Luci:sshh... It's okay Kris it's okay, you can't keep this bottled up inside! Kris:I know but, it's so hard! *wipes away his tears and looks up @ Luci* Thank you! Luci:No problem! *the look @ eachother for a few seconds & Kris kisses Luci* Luci:*Looks down* I'm confused... Kris:About what? Luci:What you did... not that it made me mad but, I thought you thought Adam was hot and you and Katy broke up... Kris:I know, let's consider that as a friendly kiss! Luci:*smiles* Okay...*kisses Kris on the cheeck* Kris:*smiles*Let's keep this whole event between us! okay? Luci:Okay! what about Ashley and Adam Kris:We can tell only Ashley and Adam, okay? Luci:okay that's fine...Thank you for trusting me! Kris:No problem...*puts his hand on Luci's back and gives her a longer kiss* find out what happens next on Wh@t@ Y@ W@nt From Me only on BlingeeXD
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Il y a 3428 days

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W0w!! xD

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