The TakeOver Chapter 6-Burning To The Next Chapter

The TakeOver Chapter 6-Burning To The Next Chapter
*Michael is sitting on the kitchen table looking out the window, he is filled with regret* Selina:*walks into the kitchen, she sees Michael and takes a step back, she says nothing* Michael:Come here *he says softly* I promise I won't hurt you *puts his arms out to hug Selina* Selina:*walks into his arms and hugs him back* Why?..... Michael:Why what? Selina:Why were you acting like that, why did you nearly knock my out like that? Why? Michael:*looks down and closes his eyes and looks back up again* I don't know.....That's what I'm asking myself...I'm so sorry bud! Selina:It's okay *hugs him again* Michael:Here hold my hands *grabs Selina's hands* Selina:What R we doing? Michael:Praying.... *they hold each others hands tightly, closes their eyes and Michael starts the prayer* Michael:*praying* We come to you god to bless us with your love, your protection and the gift of life you gave us. Also the friendship you have given me with a good friend.We pray to you to keep both of us protected from the evil we come upon. May you send us angels to protect us. Amen. Selina:Amen. Michael:*looks up*I wanna try something! I'll be back! *goes and gets a contacting board* Selina:What are we doing? Michael:We're gonna contact the spirit! Selina:Contact the what?.....Michael Your crazy! Michael:We have to....I want to know what's wrong with me and what he is doing to me! Selina, please! Selina:Okay..I'll do it! *Both Michael and Selina sit at the table and put their hands on the small glass cup* Michael:*asks the spirit a question* Who R U? *The glass slowly moves to the 'M' and slowly spells out Mr.Thompson* Michael: *his eyes widdened and his jaw dropped* That was the same name I saw @ the graveyard! Selina:*jaw drops* That's insane! There's no way Michael:*writes ''Mr Thompson'' on a piece of paper* Let's just keep going! Selina: Can I ask a question? Michael:Sure! Selina:*asking the spirit a question* What do you want from us? *the cup moves to the 'R' spelling out ''reavenge''* *Michael and Selina look at eachother in shock* Michael:This is insane! *before Selina got a chance to answer The whole house starts to shake and the ceiling lamp, above the table fell onto the table* Selina:*the house finally stops shaking* What the?....That's it! I'm going! *After she stood up one of the cabinets flew open and a glass cup flies to Selina's direction* Michael:Selina! *Runs to her and pushes her and himself on to the floor, avoiding Selina from getting hit* Michael:R U okay? Selina:Yeah, I'm fine *gets up and helps Michael up* Michael:This is crazy! I'm getting rid of that board! *grabs the contacting board, starts a fire in the backyard and finally burns it*
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SelenaGomez4r... dit:

Il y a 3704 jours
crazy good

tayswift7824 dit:

Il y a 3704 jours

tayswift7824 dit:

Il y a 3704 jours
woah this story is cazyy good!:]

leAmazing dit:

Il y a 3709 jours
omg this is so freaky sorry i didnt get a chance to read it till now ive been busy. 5 *

faride_jonati... dit:

Il y a 3711 jours

marijonatica dit:

Il y a 3713 jours
Great chapter!
I hope can read the last chapters
cause this is the 1st chapter that i read!

Larcy-GiRL dit:

Il y a 3713 jours
this is so awesome!!!!!!
cant whait foer the next chapter!


Il y a 3714 jours
ι ℓσνє тнιѕ мιℓєу ρι¢тυяє αѕ мυ¢н αѕ ι ℓσνє уσυя ƒяιєη∂ѕнιρ

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