This Person I Call....Mommy [The Future Story Of Destiny] ((Read Description)) Destiny's Point of View

This Person I Call....Mommy [The Future Story Of Destiny] ((Read Description)) Destiny's Point of View
Hi, everyone, I am new to this world, I am so happy to be here! Who is this man that is holding me in his warm arms? Did someone say... daddy? Oh, he sure does have a big smile on his face, that's for sure. He holds me close to his heart, I can hear it beating, daddy I have one, too! What is your name, daddy? What did you say? Did you say Andy? Oh, I love ur name daddy but, I am happy to call you daddy! You got very shiney, brown eyes. I can tell from the reflection that I got my small eyes from you. You were the first person I saw! I love you daddy! Daddy, who is this lady laying down on the bed, why is she holding me now? What did you say, daddy? Did you say...Mommy?! Oh hi, mommy! You are so pretty. Why are you crying? Are you mad? sad? Are you happy I'm here? Oh...mommy....your smiling, you do want me! That's good I got scared for a second there. I can also tell from the reflection in your eyes I got my hair and nose from you. What's your name mommy? Your name is Luci? Wow! You have a wonderful name! I wonder what my name is! What did the doctor say, mommy? Did she say I was a girl?! Oh YAY! What are you going to name me? Did you say.... Destiney? Oh mommy, that's a pretty name, I love it! You sing, mamma? Can I hear you sing to me? Wow, mommy....You have a pretty voice...Can I have one like you? Do you want me to wait until I get older? Okay, I understand. Who are all these people? Are they your friends? are they your family? Are they my friends and family, too? Wow, I have lots of them! Mommy....Who brought me here? God? Is he the man who brought me down here? Was he the man who I was talking to? I remember him! He is really nice! He told me he sent me down her to be with you and daddy. He also told me that I will grow up to be your princess, is that true, mommy and daddy? What did you say mommy and daddy? You love me? Really? I love you too. I will be your little princess, forever! I love you mommy and daddy!
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Il y a 3657 jours
aww! i like this it is detailed and the baby is adorable

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