The Takover Chapter 8- New Nieghbor ((Sry It Took So Long))

The Takover Chapter 8- New Nieghbor ((Sry It Took So Long))
*A few months have past,everything was back to normal, for now* *Selina walks into Michael's house and sees him in the kitchen, sitting on the counter, he is talking on the phone* Michael:*talking to his mother on the phone* I can't believe it!......No worries, mom it's okay.......Okay, love you too, mom....Bye! *hangs up* Selina:Hey, Mike! Michael:Hey!....Oh my god! I just found out the coolest thing ever! Selina:What is it? Michael:It turns out that I was born PHYSIC! Thats why I had all those pains in my head and my heart! Selina:Oh my....Thats so amazing! Wait, how do all those pains have to do with it? Michael:I told my mom about that and she said she had the same thing when she was close to our age, the pains were signs of sprits and how powerful they were. It turns out the spirit we are dealing with is really and I mean really powerful! Selina:Wow! How amazing is that? Michael:Yeah it is so....Anything new has been going on? Selina:Well, it turns out the owners of the house we had to care for a few months ago had moved out because of the same with we dealed with, and my mom is making us move in,I tried telling her but, she wont believe me! Michael:Intresting.....Um Selina, can I ask you something? Selina:Of course Mike, what is it? Michael:So, you know we've been friends for a while right? Selina:Yeah of course. Michael:Well, I was wondering...*holds Selina's hands* If you wanted to be my girlfriend? Selina:*jaw drops* Wow.......Yes, Mike! I would love to, thank you! *hugs Michael* Michael:Great! Thank you! Selina:Hey, we are moving in this weekend, do you wanna help? Michael:Sure! Im gonna tell my mom the good news! *walks out of the room* *Its Sunday and Selina and Michael are almost done* Selina:*takes a box from Michael's car, walks to the house but, is stopped by an image of a teenage girl w/ a baby, crying for help in the 2nd story window* What the? *Michaels walks next to her and looks up* Michael:You see him too, didnt' you? Selina:No. It was teenage girl, she had a child this time, and for some reason she was crying Michael:Well, Lets check it out when we're done *They go finish moving it*
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faride_jonati... dit:

Il y a 3648 jours
cool 5*!!

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Larcy-GiRL dit:

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this is amazing!!!!
cant whait 4 the next chapter!

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