Interview with danniley 7

Interview with danniley 7
I haven't done interview with danniley in a long time so here.^^ Q 25.Would you suck Eggman's blood if you could?! I bet hes made of 100% FAT! XD XD danniley:LOL!and hell no all of that fat will go serghit to my hips and legs. Q 26.if ur a girl why dony u wear a shirt? 0_o lol danniley:I forget to!:D Q 27.Do you like Edward Cullen??? (i hate him ,VAMPIRES AREN'T SOUPOSED TO SPARKLE!!!!) danniley:well no I don't but some vampires do depends on WHAT kind of vampire.the olny reson why edward sparkles becuase he has grown inumitey to the sun but when I'm in the sun I get a tan!:P Q 28.why do you wear a ring in your ear? danniley:i'm wearing a earring?*looks in a moirror*oh i am....sweeeeet. <3 Q many other vampires do u know? danniley:60....most of them are family.
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Mz.Superstar101 dit:

Il y a 3485 jours
hot and cool

talon_claw dit:

Il y a 3486 jours
how many other vampires do u know?

MarsTheButterfly dit:

Il y a 3487 jours
Mars: now u look cool wit dahh earing!

Marytherabbit... dit:

Il y a 3487 jours
why do you wear a ring in your ear?

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