Chilly grew up!^^

Chilly grew up!^^
Chilly:Its about time!!xD *laughs* ^^ I cant wait for new friends and the guies!! Kayla:Me two sis!!*laughs* Chilly:*giggles*^^ Kayla: *smirks* Lets go look for some friends and guies!!;D Chilly:*smiles*Sure!!!^^
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DestinyGusman1 dit:

Il y a 2559 jours
earse her info ^^

liv62 dit:

Il y a 2926 jours
Ryder: uh... *gulps* hi... I'm r-Ryder

Naruto-Kute dit:

Il y a 3503 jours
Cuuuuteh! I loved, 5 ** :)

BrightDawnPack dit:

Il y a 3503 jours
thanks!!^^ hahaha!XD They are sooo funny!!^^

eevee09 dit:

Il y a 3503 jours
you find so many good pics xD lol

Jessica- damn right it's about time xD

Chino- no swearing on comments Jessica! >:U

Snowball- ..... damn Chino x3 *he laughs and runs off*

Chino- o.e

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