True Beauty Isn't How Much Make-Up You Wear Or How You Look, It's How Big Your Heart Is

True Beauty Isn't How Much Make-Up You Wear Or How You Look, It's How Big Your Heart Is
I believe that true beauty isn't how much make-up you wear or how you look, it's how big your heart is. You might be thinking, what has a heart got to do with beauty? Well, people can have a pimple free face, long blonde hair, short strapless dress and pink heels; or you can have someone wearing shorts, t-shirts, sneakers and having mid-length brown hair. My point is, who do you think would care more about other people than how they look? The one with the mid-lengthed brown hair of course. He/she doesn't like to dress to impress. He/she rather get all dirty and worry about people's feelings more than his/her looks. The long blonde haired one would cry if he/she got dirty and would love for someone to fall in love with them for what they look like. He/she wouldn't give a damn about how they make another person feel. I'm not referring to anyone in my life. But the person in the shorts, t-shirt, and mid-lengthed brown hair is me. I'm that person. That's also what I look like. The key is, it's not what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts. Elarn03.
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debi9cat dit:

Il y a 1157 jours
I feel kinda hurt because I have long blond hair but I look for beauty inside.

lousei dit:

Il y a 3047 jours
☸ڿڰۣ☸ Beatiful ☸ڿڰۣ☸

coracora2008 dit:

Il y a 3143 jours
true words my dear1 awesome!5*++++

G.O.O.D dit:

Il y a 3143 jours
Your quotes Are awesome..

smokeyeyes dit:

Il y a 3143 jours
Beautiful +5

Kaileychicago dit:

Il y a 3143 jours
Agreed, someone may be the 'ugliest' girl but have the biggest heart.

Yvonall dit:

Il y a 3143 jours
 ♥╝╚ ♥♥........FABULOSOOOOOOOO!!!

SunMoonStars dit:

Il y a 3144 jours
you are so right! if a woman is gorgeous on the outside her bad attitude and heart can make her ugly. Looks is not everything, when it comes down to it, looks don't mean a thing. I think that's why theirs so many divorces, people go after a soul mate for the wrong reasons, they think their gorgeous, but when they live with them they learn that they live with a demon, someone they really don't know, but thought they did. great idea sweetheart 5* 

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