If You Have Have An Illness That Can't Kill You, Accept It And Be Proud Of It

If You Have Have An Illness That Can't Kill You, Accept It And Be Proud Of It
If you have an illness that can't kill you, accept it and be proud of it. I am diagnosed with asberges. I have learnt to accept the fact that I have no fear, no empathy and clouds are in my way of thinking. My mum just doesn't understand that ortisim can't kill you. I have learnt that having no fear is a good thing. If a dangerous job had to be done, like climbing down a cliff to retrieve an injured dog, I'd be the one to do it. Having no empathy or feeling, I've learnt that I can't feel it with my heart so I have to think it with my head. If someone hurt themselves, I'd ask if they were alright even though I don't feel empathy in my heart. With having cloudiness in my head, I just think of it as my own unique way of thinking. With the quotes I make into blingees, that's the cloudiness in my head. But it beats me why my blingee friends get it straight off while the people I know in person have to be explained twice before they get it. Maybe it's because I explain in my descriptions. I don't know. The main point is, I have asberges. It's an illness. It can't kill me. I've learnt to accept the disablities and look at them as a good thing. If you have a simular illness, accept that it's disablity and look at it as a good thing to have. Or think, "at least it can't kill me." Elarn03
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SunMoonStars dit:

Il y a 3283 jours
I am very happy to know that you are handling your illness well. That you are strong and brave and not letting it get the best of you. Some people are just born with some health problems and some problems come on latter in life. The only thing you can do is make the best of it, and i see that is what you are doing, that's a great thing! With your attitude you could be a supporter for others with this illness and help them deal better with it. proud of you and love you, autumn

lousei dit:

Il y a 3284 jours

encaiva dit:

Il y a 3284 jours

gartenomi dit:

Il y a 3284 jours
*♥* ♥ *♥*.*♥* ♥ *♥*
...... -`҉҉´-*****5*****
✿•*´)/¸.•*✿Ganzzzzzz liebe und
...ഐ√•*´¨herzliche Sonntagsgrüße
*♥* ♥ *♥*  =Bussi= Gabi

Nappi025 dit:

Il y a 3284 jours
WOW Really cool

twi4ever96 dit:

Il y a 3284 jours
è meraviglioso!

Aяii.♥ dit:

Il y a 3284 jours

Patrizia16 dit:

Il y a 3284 jours
molto bello

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