The Coldest Winter (journal entry)

The Coldest Winter (journal entry)
11-20-10 Mom got me this book and told me that it has a scripture on each page, so I can't write anything mean about anyone. I really like this journal. It's a full moon tonight (blue moon, in fact) and I know occult rituals are done and how its a part of Blue Beam's Project influenced nightmare's. Cassie aka Passion1819 (on Blingee) left me a picture that said "sweet dreams" after I mentioned how fuckin' odd she is. When I wrote in my journal about someone making a video in their series that mentions gay people being a sin, I said that person was grateful that I am not a mean person because I would blog about how I think conscious travel/third eye is a demonic. The next day, I woke up to a picture made by Passion1819 that said "I am grateful" and the picture reminded me of the person who I was talking about. Passion1819 is as disgusting as KimmieKat on Blingee who I almost thought was Kristen(HR Manager Rebeeca Bryant's Daughter who gangstalked me from 2007 to late 2009). Kimmie Kat opened her Blingee account in March of 2009, just like me and because I didn't know about Blue Beam Project, nor did I expect that the government thought I was worth watching under surveillance, when Kimmie Kat would make picture's on a green eye with a message like "I am watching you", it made me think of Kris (who has green eyes and burnette hair). I favorited all of her promotions thinking that when I do get help or get to take people to court, my favorite's which were promoted to psychologically torment me, would be proof. Cassie aka Passion1819 is as sick as the first friend I had on Blingee who sent me picture's on an animated dragon fucking something up the ass with the message being "Good Night...where is you're sense of humor"! I can't believe she shows her face but, she's so disgusting, that's probably not her. PEople like her live like there is no universial law. And I know God is real because in "The President Who TOld The Truth", leaders of the world are seen at Bohemian Grove sacrificing a baby and they perform rituals over fire like they know what they are doing...therefore, there is a God or there is something good out there that is a higher power. ************10/22/10 Last night I woke up three times and each time I went to the bathroom and layed down again, I said a little prayer to God to protect me from nightmare's and the last time I woke up and went to sleep, I had a sexual nightmare which was "influenced". Cassie on Blingee came to mind because of her "sweet dreams" promotion the night before but, even if she had nothing to do with my nightmare, there's a hell for people like her. I woke up from a nightmare to her "hot like fire" and a picture of a half naked man with boxers on and a bunny symbol in the picture and I still think I handled her with grace. The man in my nightmare had a little dick and she has a daughter, so karma is physically rape and psychological mind games. I totally believe that if you work for the government as a perpatrator, there is no one in your life that you love so much, you think about what would happen to them if they meet someone worse than you as a person. When I woke up, I promoted video's about Mind control, blue beam project and electronic harassment and I logged off. Nightmare's and electronic assault don't really bother me anymore. Most of the times, I look for assault like a confirmation after promoting video's. I just can't wait to start college and know that the people I'm promoting myself to are real people outside of a fusion center. Although I have had phone calls from men saying "are you the girl from youtube", I am leaving my first and last name online because when I am killed, I don't want people saying "bunny" or "doggy82" died. And as far as other targeted individuals are concerned, the only support I can give is my channel. It amazes me that there are still targets who won't show their face, nor do they support other targets out of fear. I am the type of person who would contact a government paid puppet who is harassing a target and then I would contact the targeted individual saying "I'm here, I see what's happening to's ok". But, most of the targeted individuals online don't understand that fear does not help and they don't understand that if they want someone who is NOT a victim of this to understand and help us by supporting us, they have to to their part as a targeted individual. You can't recieve help, if you don't help yourself or someone like yourself.
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aliceiris711 dit:

Il y a 3514 jours
Blog from 11/2010

aliceiris711 dit:

Il y a 3514 jours
Sweet Dreams

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