please dont leave please dont go

please dont leave please dont go
im so heartbroken... all this is to much to handle.... i try to deny it and make others feel better but im just lieing to myself.... truth is im torn apart... freinds shouldnt fight,friends shouldnt drag others through the ground so they can cry... its not just the fighters that get affected... its also the people close to them that get hurt too.... to those who have stayed strong though all the fights i stand with u there... but i dont feel sorry for the freind who left,i feel proud that they hung in there so long.... goodbye is always the heardest part not even the battle... i feel oblegated to thank all those who stay strong through all this and say im proud to call u a friend...i bid farwell to the friends who have gone.... i do wish they didnt leave but thats what they feel is best,i wish them well and hope we see eachother again...thank u
Créé par: talon_claw

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angelo9900 dit:

Il y a 3225 jours
i agree.T^T i hope sonamy4ever wuold come back.T^T

☆♥×★-Alanis-★×♥★ dit:

Il y a 3225 jours
im sad 4 this too )':

naomi6246 dit:

Il y a 3225 jours
I'm going to miss them,too.Just 4 something that's SO STUPID!!And i think Naomi's gonna b single again,and the kids probly will remember her bf.

SonicFan2000 dit:

Il y a 3225 jours
Yeah! I'm gonna REALLY miss SonAmy4ever! :( I can't believe that people are fighting over dumb stuff!

Soulangel11 dit:

Il y a 3225 jours
Agreed, this is ruining Sonic too, if he was real, he would be upset as ever.

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