''уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ υѕ υиρєяfє¢т, вυт ωнσ'ѕ ρєяfє¢т؟'' ¢нαρтєя 1 - тнє ℓσνє ρσєм {куνι fαиfι¢}

''уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ υѕ υиρєяfє¢т, вυт ωнσ'ѕ ρєяfє¢т؟'' ¢нαρтєя 1 - тнє ℓσνє ρσєм {куνι fαиfι¢}
[Comment, Favorite, Facebook Like, Rate. Thx!] ''Welcome back to school, you little ungrateful--'' ''Ehm, Hello Mr. Mackey! Isn't it just great that all the children are back for more knowledge to learn?'' A man said smiling, He was the sub. for Mr. Garrison's class. Mr. Mackey nodded, he was just checking the classrooms to see if they are all clean. The sub. hated children, He even hated himself as a child. So yes, he was going to give these kids hell. Kyle sighed. ''Thank god Mr. Mackey came in so that asshole of a Sub. didn't finish his sentence.'' Kyle whispered to Stan. Stan nodded his head. ''Yeah definately dude, today is gonna be hell for us. Mr. Garrison better have a good reason to skip this school day!'' The Sub. name was Mr. Harrison, Lol, Garrison, Harrison, I'm so creative with names. [Not~] He wrote his name on the chalkboard, Then, picked up his clipboard with all the kid's names on it. ''I hope nobody is late---'' Suddenly a flash of long red hair appeared in the classroom, But it wasn't just long hair, it was a small girl named Vivi. She fixed her glasses, pushing them up to her light blue eyes, & she tilted her head up to the teacher. Ready to admit her excuse for why she's late. ''MR I--'' Mr. Harrison huffed. ''Excuse me young lady! we walk in classrooms, not to mention you almost bumped into your Sub. Teacher you clumsy lil mad child!'' He said, his accent got thick as his face was slightly red from anger. Vivi fixed her bangs, since they were abit messy, & smiled. ''Well, It's nice to meet you Mr. H! I was late because--'' Mr. H inturrupted Vivi & gave her a warning. Vivi crossed her eyes to her desk & frowned. ''Fine...'' ''How dare he inturrupt my sentences..'' Vivi says quietly as she heads to her desk. Kyle quickly had a piece of paper ready to slide in Vivi's pocket, for her to read during lunch or recess. It was a love poem, Kyle has been working on it for some time now. He wanted to impress Vivi he can be romantic just like Stan, sometimes. Recently Kyle saw Stan being so ''mushy gushy'' with Wendy that he felt bad for not doing the same for Vivi [Let's say he was jealous of Stan & Wendy, abit]. Kyle smiled as he put the note in Vivi's pocket. Vivi sat to her seat. Vivi soon felt what was in her pocket. ''Eh?....'' She took it out, thinking Cartman left trash in her pocket again. Mr. H was writing other stuff on the board, then heard the crumpleing noises of Vivi slowly opening the note, he has ears like a hawk. Mr. H grabbed the note from Vivi's hands. His eyes scanned the green-colored paper as he saw ''Kyle Broflovski'' written on the paper. ''Ehem...Kyle, whoever Kyle is in this classroom, stand up & read what you wanted to share T_T'' The teacher said. ''D-Dammit Vivi..'' Kyle blushed as he said that. ''We aren't starting class till--'' Everyone pointed at Kyle, except Vivi & Stan of course. Mr. H handed the paper to Kyle, Kyle snatched it slightly angry, He stood up. He sighed & read his note quietly. ''Vivi my love, my dearest I love you mehmehmeh...'' He mumbled. some kids giggled. Vivi blushed. ''Speak louder, and all of the poem Kyle!'' Kyle rolled his eyes as he continued reading. ''The days I've spent with you have been such great days of my life, I can't even describe how fantastic, & fun there were, no are. Always are. And I just can't wait for more to come. You are are very funny, cute, nice, smart, girl and I honestly know that If God said I can have only person to be living on Earth with I'd choose you, for all eternity. You always clear up my rainy days & make me laugh. You make me feel good about myself. You're so trusting & know just what to say to make me feel happy, And if I didn't have you I'd be a lonely soul. So, I'd like to stay with you forever, You're like the jelly to my..peanut butter. Kyle blushed harder. ''A-And, You deserve all the love & attention from me. Every pretty flower I see doesn't even compare to your beauty & grace. If someone messes with you. Kyle looks at Cartman. Cartman grins. ''I'll make sure to teach them a lesson they'll never forget, I don't ever wanna see those pretty light blue eyes of yours drop tears. If I had to risk my life just to save yours, I'd do it. I would DIE for you! Sorry if this sounds cliche or too lovey-dovey, But I knew I had to express my love for you one day. It is destiny that we are made for..eachother.'' Kyle stops, he was finished. Mr. H coughs as he wipes his tears away with his sleeve. ''N-Now, sit down! & don't ever pass notes in this classroom you brat!'' Kyle sits down. Vivi, blushing like crazy, Quickly writes a small note to Kyle, as Mr. H writes the math problems on the board before he says attendance. Vivi throws it to Kyle's neck. Kyle glares at Cartman, thinking he threw something at him. Cartman looks at Kyle funnyly. Kyle grabs the note annoyed & sees in Vivi's hand-writing surprised Vivi threw the note. ''Love'' the paper said, on the front. Kyle was confused at first, until he looked in the back of the note. ''You.'' But the period was a small heart. Kyle turns over to Vivi, Vivi kisses Kyle sweetly for 3 seconds stopped & quickly went to work, She was too paranoid the teacher might see to the kiss was very short. Kids stared. When the teacher turns around he glared at the children. Kyle had a dizzy, blushing, dumbfounded face. Kids laughed quietly. Mr. H rolled his eyes not wanting to deal with why they are laughing, he knew kids laugh randomly at times. Atleast, that's what he thought. For the rest of class Vivi thought how sweet the poem is, & Kyle still had that dumbfounded look stuck on his face, but in his head he was happy as ever knowing his love poem, was a success.
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Thank you :3 So glad you guys like the story! 8O If you have any stories you made on Blingee, feel free to send them to ME! :D

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aww how humiliating for him Dx that was very sweet though and I like the blingee :3 *wipes tear away*

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awwww :'] so touchinq D'XX so beautiful,JK xDD its awesome story duhh xDD 5+

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Brilliant design!5*

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Beautiful n.n

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Thank you! =3

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