I'll Be There in a Heartbeat

I'll Be There in a Heartbeat
This work is dedicated to a patient I gave blood to a few days ago. I got to sit and talk to him as he spoke of the power of God and of God's loving grace. This gentleman, many years ago, walked across a field with his dog. Unknowingly, the main stepped and fell into a twenty foot dry well and broke both his legs and back in several places. His devoted dog sat by the well and waited as the man prayed. When the man didn't come out of the hole, the dog went home, walking through the forest and pastures for many miles. He sat outside the man's house and barked until he got someone's attention, and they followed him to the man and rescued him from the hole. This is love. The man was carried to the hospital where he was told he would never walk again. But he does, and he gives the glory to Jesus Christ and the blood He shed for us, and the protection He provides to us, and through friends who will be there in a heartbeat, like the man's dog.
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dog ludmilla1959
I'll be there in a heartbeat (Summer Paradise by Simple Plan black transparent quote) [nermai]



susi1959 dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
♥♪♫♪ Wonderful ♪♫♪ ♥
Love It ♥♥♥♥♥!!
 Kisses Susi 
Happy Weekend

NanniJay dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
What an amazing and faithful dog! It's a perfect illustration of our Heavenly Father's love and faithful watchcare over His children!
Thanks for sharing it. Special bling. 5*****

sburkss dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
Precious and adorable!! Wonderful artwork!  Hugs and kisses, Shawn

smokeyeyes dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆

gartenomi dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
╔ *****5*****
║ :::: ║Wunderschön!!!
║.`҉҉´- ║
║ :::: ║ einen schönen Start ins sonnige W. E.
║.`҉҉´- ║ http://bln.gs/b/22z8pn
╚ ♥.....lichst  viele Bussis =Gabi=

blauefee1976 dit:

Il y a 2830 jours
super, gold!

for you!


joyful226 dit:

Il y a 2831 jours
Lovely Blingee and what a great story! Thank you so much for sharing it.

ellehcim71 dit:

Il y a 2831 jours
☆ W░O░N░D░E░R░F░U░L  ☆ 
          ☆     C░R░E░A░T░I░V░E ☆ 
                  ☆    W░O░R░K ☆ 
           B░I░G -H░U░G░S 
*K ░I░S░S░E░S  5☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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