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му fяιєи∂ѕ•fσя ∂ємσиρяуи¢єѕѕ, ¢нιвιנєиσνα,ωяσиιє87,мєℓℓу040186 αи∂ ¢яєαтινιту¢яανιиg•
A blingee for my friends! from left to right: jade,alice,maryann, veronica and mellyXD I like you so much♥Blingee would be boring without you girls. I have two news, one good and one bad..The good news is, that from monday i'll work a lot and earn more money(finally^_____^) yeahhh!!! This means more manga,animestuff and videogames for me muhahahahahah... But the bad news is, that i'll be online only one day at week..awhaaa for me it's really a problem, i'm blingee addict haha XD But as my father always says .."Duty,before Pleasur, don't forget this or marry a rich boy"..haha However..of course i'll write to you, comment and rate your blingee's. But only yours girls, i havn't time to write comments for the baby-baby-bieber and sasuke-omg-i-love-you Blingee members haha XD XD p.s ah hope it's okay i use your real...hm i noticed that alice,jade and mayrann don't know my real name...ok i introduce myself, my name is Alessandra♥(tipical italian name, i don't like that name...how boring!!!come on mom was zelda so bad?!XD..however but please call me like always Misa) ah and i hate the brat justin bieber and sasuke(hope he get's blind forever XD sorry melly;-P...the rest you already know:-) Hugs and kisses Misa♥
Créé par: MisaMisa24

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A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. - Jim Morrison (The Doors) quote (nyeSte*)
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demonpryncess02 dit:

Il y a 3069 jours
*Hugs* thank you so much I love this blingee its awesome :D and its a picture of all of us? Im gonna try and make a blingee for all of us...when I get my internet back ): using my brothers laptop to comment you but Alessandra is your name? I love your name ^^ Hehe This pic of all of us rocks I wish I was skinny like them lol X3 Oh and congrats on your job ^^ Hope you can still come back on and blingee :3 need to go study okbye xx Thank you again Misa! <3

melly040186 dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
Misa Shacho ^^
Das Blingee ist wircklich sehr schön geworden. Wir werden dich hier bestimmt alle vermissen :-( 
Ich Danke dir für deine Freundschaft, die bedeutet mir wahnsinnig viel, dass weisst du ja hoffentlich ^^ Ich hoffe dass sie eine ewigkeit halten wird ^^ HDGDL ♥

ChibiJenova dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
Wow! This blingee is so cute and cool! =D
Thank you Misa for this blingee and for being my friend! You're very sweet. *hugs you* ^_^


gartenomi dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
╔ *****5*****
║ :::: ║Wunderschön!!!
║.`҉҉´- ║
║ :::: ║ einen schönen Start ins sonnige W. E.
║.`҉҉´- ║ http://bln.gs/b/22z8pn
╚ ♥.....lichst  viele Bussis =Gabi=

K1ba dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
*_* ÜÜÜÜÜBEL geil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5*

wroni87 dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
OMG! I really dont know what to say! *_* (moved to tears) Thank you very much!
This really means a lot to me! You were my very first real friend here on blingee and you always made this place more fun! You´re always super fun to talk to!
Thank you for being my friend! u_u
And this is very beautiful! The only thing that´s missing that there should be 6 girls and you should be there with us!
1 000 000 *******

avetar dit:

Il y a 3070 jours

ABRILyck dit:

Il y a 3070 jours
super lindo blingee!!
que super trabajo!!!

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