I WANT U {♥}

I WANT U {♥}
[Sunday; 7:18 PM 11/13/11] Thanks Blingee for lagging plus putting your damn logo in front of my little heart effect! *Sigh* Oh well, I have 181 credits but I don't feel like wasting it on this Blingee. Totally plan on remaking a Scanty & Kneesocks blingee. Anyway, These two are my favorite villians in Anime! <3 They remind me of Team Rocket from Pokemon, only 20% more badass! Kneesocks is my favorite. [Blue hair girl] she seems to be very liked by most than Scanty. Sorta like how people adore Stocking more than Panty. -w-' AAAAAAH THIS REMIX OF THEIR SONG 'I WANT YOU' http://youtu.be/uz_NSe6DZRQ AWESOMEINSPIREDME...to make this Blingee. These two are from 'Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt'. Song is by 2Soul 'I Want You'. HOLY SHIT MY NAME SAYS 'SOULANGEL11' It should be Demonsoul11 XD. Because this blingee is about two demons! I broke the RRRRUUURRUUUS!
Créé par: Soulangel11

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Background light fantasy christmas winter gothic animated
Background light fantasy christmas winter gothic animated
Scanty & Kneesocks
frame fuchsia
frame red
Scanty & Kneesocks
ѕuиѕнιиє ♡ Black Precious  Frame/Border
Scanty & Kneesocks(:<
Scanty & Kneesocks;D
Glitter dust red frame



demonpryncess02 dit:

Il y a 3145 jours
lol I know how you feel buddy -_- that logo is so annoying

You can remove it for 10 credits you know... just suggesting... :P

But yeah awesome blingee :D

stew111 dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
D i v i n o o ♥
  T r a b a j o ♥

FallenAngel-Xxxx dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
nice xxx

MarsTheButterfly dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
ah i was gonna make a blingee like that ;\ anyways chess i love stocking & Kneesocks;D my fucking fave characters<33 5+

jessixox602 dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
superb!!! 5*

asesina-ninja dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
Precious :)

Zeeta1963 dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
Like It a Lot ! **5**

Soulangel11 dit:

Il y a 3157 jours

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