Sharp Edges Pt.10:Who Will Remember Me?

Sharp Edges Pt.10:Who Will Remember Me?
Sharp Edges Pt. 10/ Liam shivered in fear & his eyes grew wide as he watched the dark figure leap out from the shadows..The eerie muffled voice of a woman spoke to him "That's right little boy you're wide awake. You're not dreamin',& I know to see me must be scary but there's no need to start screamin' 'cuz Inside here ur scream is silent..It does not leave this room..By morning u lie not in bed but in a tomb..So hush now child & do not scream..2morrow this all will be over & all you'll be to them is just a dream..All I do is say the magic words & U disappear..They'll never remember u were ever here..No one will remember u..Not even u will remember u,my dear"..Her evil laughter echoed inside the room../ Waking up to the sound of the alarm clock Dana sit up in her bed to stretch & yawn.She heard no noise about the house & wondered why no one had woke her up.Pushin' back the sheet she scooted out of bed & hurried to get dressed..Steppin' out of her room & into the hallway she stood for a brief moment in puzzlement then remembered her lil nephew Liam.She had to check on Liam,but when she went inside his room he wasn't there..When Dana's brother Steve & his wife Taffy arrived home they saw the cop car outside their house & rushed inside to see what was goin' on..Dana told them about Liam.She thought they'd be worried & would immediately put out an amber alert to find him,but instead they just stared at her. They denied they ever had a son,& Dana noticed the framed picture on the wall that once had Liam sittin' on Taffy's lap with Steve beside them now only has Steve & Taffy in it..They accused her of making up stories & sent her to her room so she waited until the police officers left then sneaked out her bedroom window. She spent hours walking by herself out in the cold of the night trying to understand what had just happened..Just when she didn't know where to go,what to do next, or who to turn to that's when she ran into Liberty..Liberty took her to her house ,introduced her to every1,& explained to her what was goin' on..She told her about Vandee the woman Salem had used Lily to rejuvanate back to life..& also about Caprionna (Lady Wolf),the newly widowed wife of the big bad wolf. / ©opyrighted by: Becky J (Blazingbloomers)
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Pixytta dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
Amazing story im so into this want 2 read more!!! WOW Becky ur freaking talented!
Awesome sory & amazing bling!!! WOW!!

Pixytta dit:

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OMG!! Amazing, so epic!! Mind blowing!!!

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