I can't keep feeling love like this, it's not worth тeмporary вlιѕѕ..

I can't keep feeling love like this, it's not worth тeмporary вlιѕѕ..
This was the only song (Temporary Bliss by The Cab) I could remember that was a break-up song so I decided to use this song again lol. *_* Now this couple is accually for a future contest. (I just decided to go for the head start. Eheheh.) The contest is what couple you hate in a video game. Now I made this contest so you can express how you feel about a couple you hate & explain why. NOBODY should be getting into arguments OR downrating blingees. If you don't agree just either not write a comment & just give 5*. Anywhoo, this is Luna x Gill a couple I CAN'T STAND. Next to another couple..*COUGH**COUGH*DAWN X PAUL IKARISHIPPING*COUGH**COUGH*. Buuut the other couple I hate is from an Anime. Here's what I think of Gill x Luna, the creators of the game obviously didn't like this couple as much as the other ones considering how the moments with these two aren't really romantic at all. Gill is often annoyed with Luna & Luna gets pissy & or cries alot because Gill "Doesn't understand a girl's heart". No. Luna is just too immature for Gill. & is too mean. Sure Gill can be alittle mean but most of the time he is kind & thinks of keeping the place safe for others. Luna on the other hand only thinks of herself most of the time, & stomps around like a child saying she's old enough to do this or that. Anyway, let's talk about the 7 heart event. Luna finds the blue feather, & instead of just giving it back to Gill once he asked politely she runs around like a little kid. Gill wouldn't want a girl who does that. Then Gill decides to MARRY her because Luna is crying & she won't stop. Seriously. Poor Gill, it sounds like he just pitys her & marries her so she'll shut up. Then they just decide to make Gill be all mushy just to make it somewhat cute. Weird way to marry someone. Bottom line, Luna is too immature for Gill's taste in my opinion. Sure Luna, as you said. You can have fun while being mature. But it really depends on what kind of fun you're doing. & who you do that fun thing with. End! /(Game - Harvest Moon: ToT/AP) (Couple - Gill x Luna).
Créé par: Soulangel11

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CCGhostB dit:

Il y a 2794 jours
I love it 5*

nicole_ish_meh dit:

Il y a 2794 jours
+5 (;

LunarianRaven dit:

Il y a 2801 jours
Beautiful job for a couple you despise XD

pinkyghurl31 dit:

Il y a 2805 jours
^( '‿' )^ 	5*

ABRILyck dit:

Il y a 2807 jours
Hermoso blingee!!
super !

Jeniffer1997 dit:

Il y a 2807 jours

samanta2424 dit:

Il y a 2807 jours
very pretty,thanks for the nice comments happy easter

Arietty987 dit:

Il y a 2807 jours
Kawaii ^^

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