M A K K O R A <3 // "I'm Feeling Nervous, Trying To Be So Perfect, Cause I Know You're Worth It."

M A K K O R A <3 // "I'm Feeling Nervous, Trying To Be So Perfect, Cause I Know You're Worth It."
A SHIPPING ALREADY? Well judging by my skills on romance I can tell these two are the couple in the show (MIGHT). Not yet, atm. I think Korra might have a crush on Mako but Mako I'm not sure if he feels the same. You never know when the creators will be like "LOVE TRIANGLE BITCHES!" or "KORRA LOVES SOMEONE ELSE NOW U MAD?".(I just got word there's another shipping with Mako. WELL, THERE YOU GO.) Course I'm sure they aren't THAT mean heheh. (I admit, I have a soft side for Bolin x Korra alittle. STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK IT'S PRETTY DAMN CUTE. Too bad I'm probably the only one who ships it. FOREVER ALONE.) I hope Mako isn't some jerk who secretly has a soft side. It's so generic I want a nice guy but is willing to have afew arguments with Korra. Just cute fights. Like in Franticshipping from Pokemon or something. I don't want these two to hate eachother but somehow love eachother it's stupid. So yes, I'll ship this couple but if Mako is really mean to Korra then..You know. ANYWHOO, this couple already has great..AMVs (Even though this isn't really an anime lol.) & great pictures (Fan-Art) & moments! (Barly any atm but there is an ep with alot of scenes with them ^^.) I LOVE this show. LOVE IT. I LOVE EFFING BOLIN, KORRA, MAKO, AAAAASDHGFHGHYYIGKHUGILY. When my friends tell me they love this show I flip out & go all nerdy on them. "WHO'S YOUR FAVE CHARACTERS??!111! WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SCENES!!1!1! REMEMBER THE PART WHEN ____." xD. I chose one of my favorite artists Avril Lavigne for this song chose on my Blingee. "Things I'll Never Say" http://youtu.be/PqpWWMIsar8 . Maybe I'll make a Makkora video soon on Youtube using this song~.
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Makorra <3



DawnsBlingeeA... dit:

Il y a 2966 jours
hehe xD 5*!

LunarianRaven dit:

Il y a 2981 jours
Lol power to the nerds!
*ahem* Sorry when you get nerdy on your friends thats how you know you love that show or series that much! :D
Lol love the stamp both are like wtf XD

samanta2424 dit:

Il y a 2992 jours
     ***so beautiful***
thanks for your nice comments
    my dear friend

Arietty987 dit:

Il y a 2993 jours

EngelKagome1 dit:

Il y a 2993 jours
  ; . . `; -._ , `)_ 
 ( o_ )` __,) `-._)5☆★☆☆

MsYamiYugi dit:

Il y a 2993 jours
Very nice job

ellet2000 dit:

Il y a 2993 jours
Great!!! ^^
BTW can you vote for me?


montse712 dit:

Il y a 2993 jours
super ! 5 stars ^^

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