my little pony big mac and fluttershy

my little pony big mac and fluttershy
so i got this pic from go on it now copyrigt- agree with goods mlp is cute i know rainbow dash is the best pony in eqestria how ever you spell it TELL ME HOW TO SPELL IT MISS! ok com down com down ahhh so big mac and fluttershy are like a cople togethether love mlp! i will use mbs wich is my blingee space to draw big mac and fluttershy i love mlp go to a mlp grup today and join it evryone will love it! i will love it but i dont want a grup now ill just wait ok miss i will tell you this mlp story. onece eqrestra was ruled by two royal sisters who would put the sun up a down one was prinsess cilestea she puted up the sun up in the morning and lower it in in the evning the ether sister prinsess luna will put the moon up but one day the ether little sister prinsess luna was tierd of puting the moon up she woud then become known as nightmare she woud make the night last forever twilight is a pony with spike she was the one that was going to the summer sun celabrashin then she met pinkie pie rarity applejack fluttersht and rainbow dash then the prinsess was not on the becony it was nightmare! she was blak with blue hair the pony were ind the ever free forist they goty to a cliff applejack made twilight to safety they wer thare befor they coud do it nightmare smashed the elament of harmny they did it in a sparke was... prinsess cilesta celestea had a talk with luna.

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