tear and crys quote

tear and crys quote
this will be my last blingee sorry read profile or the whole thing to this/ To Blingee and to a Special Someone. the world has brought me down to nothing i have a beautiful son he the only thing that is going to keep me going in life. i have to quite blingee and im sorry but i truley have no here is why. the special someone who i have met on here on this site took my heart she took it as the moon would capture ur eyes when it so bright but i have to much memory on this due to her that i have to quite blingee. i have lost everything that was ment the world to me. I lose a wonderful future step daughter and i lost a wonderful wife who i loved so much and i lost everything for no reason most to total bs.they are out of my life and it destroys me to be on this site they was my life my family my everything. my son and all of us was 1 thought everything was so perfect and when i lost everything my heart melted into a deep hole were it can't be recoverd. our song is the only thing i got now and just to listen to it destroys me so bad that littery my heart went into quick sand and never will come out again im so hurt, and im so dead inside with out these wonderful people just cause i felt there were certain morals and everything to keep true love everything was good i just don't understand. and just to stare or go to blingee crushes me to were i want to punch my screen how bad it hurts me i thought true love was it i thought this was it for me and all the wrold i thought god was there for me but i felt god is here still buti don't think god has sent the right signs to this wonderful lady who im so inlove with cause if god did we would be together her heart is not as pure and golden as mine is to her my heart was so full in love with all my soul to were i can feel her breath breathing on me were i can feel her heart pounding and were u can feel every inch of my heart melt cause my family has left me. so please forgive me for quitting but i truley have no choice im to destroyed and i can't bare to be on this any more and im truley sorry hope u all forgive me maybe after my heart is healed and is empty from all the pain i might return untill then goodbye everyone and good bye to the love of my life. P.S i will always want to spend my lifetime loving you u will always be my dreams my soul i pray one day god will send u my way again and i will always love u till day i die. P.S.GoodBye Blingee probly Forever John
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aly68carr dit:

Il y a 2893 jours
Very good,yet sad,take care

anuschkatim dit:

Il y a 2905 jours
wonderful my dear friend,thank you for add in my group  http://blingee.com/group/61408-Best-Blingee-Art  kiss!!!

Valériane007 dit:

Il y a 2908 jours
                      (-, -)♥(-, -)
                      /)__) (__ (\♥
     ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Gorgeous Blingee ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

sweetterror dit:

Il y a 2909 jours
:( that was soo sad I'm sorry to hear of your lose of love and leaving the site.  What you wrote is beautiful & I actually have a lump in my throat right now, I want to cry coz what you said reminds me soo much of someone I felt the same way about once & in fact still do.  But you never know what will happen, I never expected the person I felt for return into my life even though we only text I at least appreciate that he is there as a friend.  God bless & heal your broken heart. Kisses, Janine

villemo20 dit:

Il y a 2910 jours

sburkss dit:

Il y a 2910 jours
••.•´¯`•.•• reғlecтιonѕ ••.•´¯`•.••

тнanĸѕ ғor addιng тнιѕ wonderғυl creaтιon тo тнe reғlecтιonѕ groυp: http://blingee.com/group/81542-Reflections

нυgѕ, Kerstie & Shawn  

alwayѕ 5 ★★★★★  

SoulEaterKid dit:

Il y a 2910 jours
cool :)

lousei dit:

Il y a 2910 jours
incredible work, 
 / l__l Delivery
| | __________|   
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