I stand up for myself

I stand up for myself
Joey: Well well well look who we have here? Beautiful blondie! Savanna: *grabs him by the shirt and push him up against the locker*Shut the hell up Joey! I don't really care if you still like me or not but I've told you a million times I love Andrew not you! Danny is with Ayesha now he no longer loves me! David graduated so hes gone! Now YOU need to haul your butt out of here! NOW! Before I kick it out of here for you! And I don't care if you report ne to the principal because guess what? I'm not scared of the principal and I'm not scared of you! Other kids around me: Ooooooooo! Savanna: *lets go of him* I'm going to get you maybe not this week or this month and maybe not next week or month but I'm going to get you mark my words Joey Trainor! * pushes out of the line of kids and walks to class* Joey: *looks after me* She scares me (yes this happned in schoo, today i'm a tough girl don't mess with me or you'll end up like him)
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jordanC.H dit:

Il y a 2811 jours
yea buddy!

MaríaTheDeer710 dit:

Il y a 2811 jours
 Lol u rock sis!!!! Go!!!!! X333

Daisy991 dit:

Il y a 2811 jours
You're awesome! Show him what u got!

Angela1a1a1a1a1a dit:

Il y a 2811 jours
U go sis!

anlorv dit:

Il y a 2811 jours
*❤ Gorgeous!♥*•.5★
*•.¸¸.•Thank you for your comments & votes*♥*•.¸Have a great day/night¸❤ .•*

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