Me and my idiot little cousin Angel (yes thats his real name!)

Me and my idiot little cousin Angel (yes thats his real name!)
This happened during thanksgiving I wanted to be in my aunts dark room by myself then my stupid little cousin Angel barged in and tryed to play rough with me Angel: Come on play with me! Savanna: *I'm on my phone texting Andrew* Not now Angel I'm busy go play with Sophia or Shelby!(Sophia is Angel's baby sister and Shelby is my other little cousin but I love Shelby a lot because shes mature and never throws tantrums unlike Angel, I don't like Sophia that much either because she just a baby I hate babies and little kids!) Angel: They're still eating! Savanna: Well I'm busy watching videos and texting my boyfriend! Please go! Angel: I'm telling! *runs to tattle on me to his mother and grandma* Savanna: Oh sheesh! *I roll my eyes* Angel: *comes back* Mom syas you got to play with me! Savanna: She is not my mother she has no right to tell me what to do! My dad's the boss of me right now! You want to get me in trouble talk to him! Angel: *runs to tattle on me to my dad* My dad: Angel leave Savanna alone she wants to be by herself right now respect that! Angel: *thorws one of his idiot temper tantrums* NO! I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH SAVANNA! Savanna: Amanda! Juan! Settle your kid down I'm trying to watch a video! Amanada: Angel thats enough were going home now! Angel: No NOOOO! Juan: Yes we are! Shelby: *comes forward* Yes Angel is leaving! Savanna: I know! Yay!
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Angela1a1a1a1a1a dit:

Il y a 2747 jours
Haha for you little punk!(Sorry sis if its offensive don't tell your cousin though)I hate one of my cousins to hes likea little snitch!I hate snitches!I hate him a whole lot!

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