Laura and I fight

Laura and I fight
(Yes I got a new look like it?) Laura: Back off Savanna Andrew is mine now! Stay away from him he loves me not you! Savanna: Your wrong he loves me! I'm his girlfriend and hes my boyfriend! He asked me to marry him one day and I said yes so techincally we are engaged! Laura: He doesn't have a ring for you you're only 15 Savanna get that thorugh your thick head I'm 17 I'm old enough to marry him when I get out of high school and besides he wants to go to the same collage me and my friends are going to you're joining the navvy! Besides I know you loved Tim last year! And I know you have a crush on Peeta! Savanna: Tim grauduted I'm over him he didn't like me back anyways and also it was just a crush I wasn't in love with him and second Peeta is fictional hes not real hes from the hunger games for crying out loud! Most girls have a crush on a fictional chracter! Besides I always have loved Andrew I just didn't know it until during the summer! Laura: Bullcrap! I loev Andrew and he loves me just stay away from him and no one will be hurt understand? Savanna: I don't care I love Andrew I will not stay from him no matter what you say! Laura: Thats a bunch of rubbish
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scampskey89 dit:

Il y a 2617 jours
freakin' Laura!!>.<why does she had to do this?!?you are prettier than her! and besides this is not about beauty it's about love!If andrew loves you she should stay away >.<

Angela1a1a1a1a1a dit:

Il y a 2617 jours
Tell that stinking laura to stay away from your boy Andrew or else!!I wish i can transport myself to chicago and find her and slap her and beat her up!She sounds like trouble!

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