The party part 1

The party part 1
So they all went to a place, it was supposed to eb for human use only but Indy had a speical way of getting in, she had watched for a long time her father showed her all the tricks to opening doors and turning on the lights but that was how they got into trouble... Indy shook the thoughts from her mind with a shudder and tried to focus on what they were supposed to do Indy: Alright guys this is what we need to do! I'll unlock the door with my chain then I need you all to go turn on the lights then we'll have a party! All of that went well and soon they had a small party going on Scamp looked around and saw they were all enjoying themselves he smiled and went to find Indy, Indy was by herself looking sad, she thoight once again about her father, when he took her to this same place with her sisters and mother she remembered how he showed her what to do and how to do it, she had gasped in awe and tried to imitate him however she was ina akward growing stage at that time and was unable to do it sucessfully.. As Scamp came up she shook off her htoughts nce again and smiled Indy: Nice party isn't it? Beautiful lights! Scamp: Yeah but not as a beautiful as you! Indy: Heh thanks she faked a smile Scamp goes to her and hugs her then gives her a big kiss Scamp: I love you Indy Indy smiled for real as she looked at the love of her life Indy: I don't what else to say but I love you too she said and smiled and touched his nose they stared into each others eyes so much in love they forgot about everything else around them but still in the back of Indy's mind was the thought "It should have been me"
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Cool_Glitter_... dit:

Il y a 2543 jours
IndyxScamp is better than AngelxScamp :D

scampskey89 dit:

Il y a 2544 jours
aW , She's sad .. :( She shouldn't be , she has Scamp ^^

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