thankiess sooo muchh <33

thankiess sooo muchh <33
Name:Gabby ~~~ Gender:girl ~~~ Type:horse ~~~ Crush:nooo XD im new remember haha ~~~ Mate:*trots offf* :P noppe ^w^ ~~~ Son(s):none ~~~ Daughter(s):none ~~~ Brother(s):none ~~~ Sister(s):none ~~~ Mom:ii dont remember her...*tears up a liil*... // Dad:*tilts her headd* im not sure... ~~~ ID Now: ~~~ First Pic Made: ~~~ Other Info:she lovves her bow <33 her mother gavve it to her when she was born but after a few weeks her mother was captured nd now shes left alonne T^T' woundering watt happened soo long ago... ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me:thankss alotttt :D shes beautifulll <:33 but ii messed up on this pic alottt T^T' illl redo it another time tho :P nd since ur a greatt friend ima namme her afterr uu C: this is Gabby 8D
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glitter purple:)
Glitter Purple
Simple White Pattern
blk bow
glitter Purple
Purple Background
background glitter purple
very light purple=)
☮light purple starry glitter background ink ²u
Butterflies overlay pink
Flowers grass



bitani49 dit:

Il y a 2441 jours
nawwww ://3 buddy<3 you're so sweet :D Yay! Another Gabby! yay! xD I love the picture<3 You're very much welcome buddy<3 *huggles*

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