Delgado grew up <33

 Delgado grew up <33
Name:Delgado ~~~ Gender:boy ~~~ Type:Wolf-Dawg ~~~ Crush:No^^' I havnt met any girls~~~ Mate:No one yett ~~~ Son(s):none ~~~ Daughter(s):none ~~~ Brother(s):Spotty, Stevie, Akando{bitani49} nd Chris{bitani49} ~~~ Sister(s):Willow, Marshall, Jenassa, Kohana{bitani49}, Opla{bitani49}, Dartie{bitani49} nd Honovi{bitani49} ~~~ Mom:McMuffin{bitani49} // Dad:Anderson ~~~ ID now: ~~~ First Pic Made: we started him as a fanpup but decieded to make him real ~~~ Other Info:Hes a charming boy who shows respect to everyone<33 ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me:^^' Gabby ima stilll rp him as a pup :O ii justt needa finish ID's before ii get behindd on them :P soo hes gonna bee rp as a pup for a liil whille longer ^w^ Delgado:*smilles brightly as he walks arounnd the town nexxt to his dad*^^ Anderson:*smiles proudlly nd watches ovver him carefully* <3
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bitani49 dit:

Il y a 2435 jours
awwwie he's so darn cute :3 I love this cute boy ://3 *pets him* Its ok buddy no worries:D 

kaykitty727 dit:

Il y a 2435 jours
 ★_ ★_ ★     "F A B U L O U S"
_ ★_ ★_ ★_  "A W E S O M E!*

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