Zaidee ~ID~ (Thank you Sinderlex!)

Zaidee ~ID~ (Thank you Sinderlex!)
Name: Zaidee ||| Nickname(s)/Pet name: Deedee ||| Pronunciation: Zay-dee ||| Meaning: Princess ||| Origin: I thought it would be unique, and I love that name! ||| Gender: Female ||| Orientation: Straight ||| Age: Teenager/young adult ||| Species: 1/2 Wolf, 1/2 Husky ||| Personality: Punk/rocker kind of girl, friendly, likes to tease/flirt a little, funny, fun to chat with. ||| Fur Color: Beige, with a white underbelly, animal print legs, black paws, and magenta hair and tail. ||| Eye Color: Dark blue ||| Birthmarks/scars: She has those "T" shaped markings under her eyes. ||| Likes: Fashion, others with different kinds of animal print fur like her, birds, singing ||| Dislikes: Males who are too pushy/clingy ||| Martial Status: Single?! This is impossibru! ||| Mate: No ||| Pups: None ||| Mother: She was a husky named Sadie, she died though. ||| Father: Never knew him. ||| Siblings: None, she was an only pup. ||| Other info: N/A ||| oh my gosh, I just love her!! She looks like a female version of Skip, but with pink/purple hair :D Zaidee: *Walks around in search of other wolves to chat with*
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bitani49 dit:

Il y a 2552 days
OMG she's absolutely gorgeous!!!! I think I'll steal her from you... not sure when though xD jk buddy xD she's really pretty<3


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