i'll always be with you

i'll always be with you
liza:*sitting in bathroom with a hand over her stomach* I cant tell gray im pregnant he'll probably leave if I tell him but I cant keep it a secret will find out eventualy *starts to cry* gray:*walks in the bathroom when he hears liza cry* liza are you ok babe liza:y-yeah I-im f-fine gray:*sits next to her and pulls her into a hug* tell me what's wrong liza:do y-you p-promise you wont l-leave me gray:i would never leave you I love you, you mean the world to me liza:*sobbing* g-gray I-im pregnant gray:*a little shocked* r-really liza:*nods* gray:thats wonderful *kisses her* liza no I have something to tell you well ask you liza:*thinking* he's gonna leave or he's gonna ask if its his *eyes fill with tears again* gray:*stands up the kneels down on one knee and pulls a small box from his pocket* liza will you marry me liza:wha *starts crying from joy* yes of coase i'll marry you gray yes yes a millon times yes
Créé par: zelda99

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lousei dit:

Il y a 2171 jours
╚═ღ╝╚═╩═╩ღ╩═╝  IT
5 ★○★○★○★○★ A nice Sunday

japanfan12345 dit:

Il y a 2172 jours
so sweet!

Death_The_Kid... dit:

Il y a 2172 jours
Aaaaw how cute^^

salagnelove21 dit:

Il y a 2172 jours

BlackButler101 dit:

Il y a 2172 jours
Cute, this made me cry! 

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