Will You Ever Come Back..?

Will You Ever Come Back..?
A long story I wanted to talk about. I was kinda feeling a bit down this week. But, this story takes place from last year.. I know it's kinda stupid to say this but.. It's been a year to think about a few old friends of mine. I don't if they have forgotten me. I know a few have. But it's a long story. And I missed them so much.. What are they doing now? Have they forgotten me? Why have they never came back? Well, I like to tell you the story. Yet again, another long description that I'm about to put. But don't worry. I was feeling a bit depressed. Everything's fine.. ^^ To the story, shall we? Well, around March 2012, I met two girls and they were like twins. I can't tell them their names though. It's too personal to me. But keep it this way. Me and my sister will always go out for a biking spree and always see them. It barely made my life complete. Just a few months ago, I saw them with another friend. I wasn't jealous though. I was friends with him and it was great as well! :) But, when I came back from my swimming class, I saw them outside. However, we couldn't go out since me and my sister were tired and wet. I barely felt like I need to cry. But during the next few days, I saw them again and it really made my day! In the next few weeks and after Memorial Day, me and my sister got scooters from my best friend! Just about the next day, we saw them outside once again. We didn't go out, 'cause I had a doctor's appointment and took a shower (probably.). Just before our last week of school was about to end (this was during my 5th grade year, BTW), I've been upset why are they not coming out anymore. I was listening to sad music to express my emotions. One day, I barely started crying in school for a sight of anger. My best friend told me, "Don't cry. You have us. You've been a wonderful friend to us.". I couldn't help it. I was still a bit of a mean person to a few kids in school. I just refused. But I'm glad I have them. They were still wonderful to me and right now, they still are! Around Sunday, me, my mom, and my sister were going to see our cousins, but I couldn't believe my sight I saw the two girls! I wanted to say hi to them, but it was too late. Just a few months every single day, I would always see them coming out. Just around August, I saw them walking their dogs in the nighttime. I still thought about saying hi. But, I still didn't get a chance to. I started crying in the shower and couldn't stop thinking about them. Just the next few days, I started getting really mean to everyone. Around October in school, I still cry about rough times. This one is that I kept being mean to a kid that I don't like in my class. That one is a long story, but I don't want to talk about it. This week is the week that I have to convince my family, my friends, and my teachers that I'm so angry and upset that I miss the girls.. Though, they're my neighbors (I forgot to put that in..). Right now, I still miss them. And I think I feel like I'm about to cry.. I bet that's it. Though, I'm glad I have you guys as friends! You really mean a lot to me. But this day was a very rough time for me to think about them. I don't what I was thinking. I had dreams and thoughts about them. I also started thinking during that time of year, "Am I like Princess Cadence from MLP or is it just me?" I always think about that. But you'll probably get the whole detail. Please understand me and hope you like it! Also, thank you guys for being wonderful friends! :) Note: Please don't ask me why I keep making pictures of me as a dog crying! xD It's kinda like a portrait to me. But yeah! LOL! xD
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FunnyPrincess... dit:

Il y a 2275 jours
I know how you feel.
I have moved twice in my childhood, and I miss my old friends...

midnasoul5 dit:

Il y a 2275 jours
I totally understand how you feel! I moved away fromm my old home town, and miss my friends. 

Fresita-2.4 dit:

Il y a 2275 jours

Alicia1702 dit:

Il y a 2276 jours
█░░░░█████░███░███░███♥ Beautiful
█░░░░█▓▓▓█░█▓▓█▓▓█░█░░♥ Amazing
█░░░░█▓▓▓█░░█▓▓▓█░░██░♥ Cute
█░░░░█▓▓▓█░░░█▓█░░░█░░♥ Excelent
████░█████░░░░█░░░░███♥ I love it.

5★★★★★ SILVER PLAC! ;)

dww1998 dit:

Il y a 2276 jours
i know how you feel.
everybody is thinking about there old friends sometimes, and of course you will miss them. 
that's very normal.
it's okay, you can say it to us.
we are here to cheer you up.
you are a nice friends and deserves the best and our attention.

i wish you a lot of good luck and the best.
btw, you are a very cute dog.

Diana ;)  

foykafka dit:

Il y a 2276 jours
I took all the time to read the entire description !
This is saaad ! :(
I know that if the same thing happened to me, I would maybe cry, but maybe not,  my sensibility depends on my humor... :S

If you love music, and that you can play an instrument, then try inventing your own one, this really helps me, and it will maybe help you too !

NintendogDaisy dit:

Il y a 2276 jours
Before commenting, I know what you guys will be thinking. "A long description? I don't know if I'll read that!" Again, it's a very long story. xD But anyways, yeah..

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