.:(♥)Am I really a Creepypasta? Chapter 2, Page 5(♥):.

.:(♥)Am I really a Creepypasta? Chapter 2, Page 5(♥):.
Jane toke the rose out of Diana's hand and hid it somewhere. "W-Why did you do t-that?" Diana asked, sadly. "That rose is horrible... NEVER take a rose from Offender--" Jane told her but Diana now seemed a bit frightened about what she was going to say before she got cut of by BEN! "HAHA, YES!!! I FOUND DIAMOND!!!" BEN yelled, very loud. "Shut up!! I'm trying to have a talk with DEAD SILENT!!!" Jane yelled back at him. Everyone of the Creeypasta's were confused expect Slender. "I believe your all confused why she said, 'Dead Silent'. Well you see, Diana is becoming more like us and less frighted each day. Now somewhere in one of those days she'll eventually have to turn into one of us but it can cause horrible pain into her body..." Slender spoke. All of the Creepypasta's (expect Jane) said 'Ohhhh...' at the same time, I sounded very weird in Diana's opinion. Suddenly all of the pasta's froze because they heard footsteps walking to the door. "Hello?! Its Broken Scar, one of the Creepypasta's!!" A female voice said, knocking on the door. Her name seem to be Broken Scar like how Jane said. Slender came up to the door and opened it. "Why hello, Broken scar" He spoke. "Uh, Hi" Broken Scar replied. "Melina!!! You made it!" Jane yelled running to Broken scar. Jeff rolled his eyes while Diana was very confused. "Is this B-Broken Scar...?" She questioned and Hoodie replied with a nod. Suddenly it got very quiet, Dead Silent and Hoodie didn't mind to much because well.... They are the only people who are quiet in this mansion! There was another knock on the door but apparently she was already inside the house but everyone was staring in shock... "What? Its not polite to stare!" A tall female said, Slender started to blush 50 shades of red. Ben and Jeff stopped laughing and now they snickered. "Slender why is your face red?!" They both laughed, "ARE YOU BLUSHING?!". Slender walked off to the kitchen and pretended nothing happened! The female had long brown hair, a white t-shirt with a black vest, blue jeans with black boots and a small black top hat. Her eyes wasn't normal because they were pure white and she had tentacles coming out of her back, just like Slender's! Everyone stopped staring now cause they realized it was Ms. Haunted! "Good but can someone tell me who this beautiful young lady is?" Ms. Haunted asked pointing to Diana. "That's Diana, she's a newbie here! Apparently... She's just like Hoodie! I HOPE THEY BECOME A COUPLE ONE DAY!!" Jeff explained to her. "Okay. Its nice to meet you Diana! I hope we can be best friends. Oh and my name is Ms. Haunted." Ms haunted introduced herself to Diana. Diana just waved shyly, she was afraid of her because she looked like a teenager but she was quite tall. Probably half the size of Slenderman!
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Really good:D
I'm looking forward to the next Part>w<
5Stars for you;)

starcat233 dit:

Il y a 2034 jours
I don't like or watch Creepypasta, but this is good so far! ♥ =D

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♥Fantastico 5/5♥

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Wonderful My Friend
Thanks for all of your very kind
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They are much appreciated!!

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