Dark Moon

Dark Moon
Real Name: Kolby Mond (Meaning Dark Moon) Nickname: Doesn't have one Known As: Dark Moon Gender: Male Age: 15 and a half Personality: Kolby doesn't like light. He rarely goes out during the day. He looks like the type of person that should be in charge but Kolby seeks guidance rather than giving it. Kolby isn't the person you should pick a fight with. He's really quite clever but he's shy. Kolby is afraid of what the humans would think of him. He knows he looks different. He fears his family. Terrified of mirrors. Biography: As a child, Kolby was taught how to fight and how to defend himself. When he was 11, his powers were revealed. His father pushed him to control them, as if using him as a weapon. If he failed to do something, his father would beat him and lock him in a steel room with nothing but a mirror. His father told him that he could see him through the mirror. The room was made to scare youngsters and it worked. At the age of 11, Kolby used his powers to escape the well guarded house and he ran away, he doesn't ever want to go back there. The years that he was there left Kolby scarred for life. He doesn't like being left alone for long periods of time and he hates mirrors. You can't even take him in a room if there's a mirror in it. Kolby wants to join the X-Men but he doesn't feel ready even though his cousin is a member of the X-Men. Powers: Super-sharp mind (Allows for very fast thinking)Short distance teleportation and very strong senses (Not as strong as Wolverine's senses but stronger than the average human/mutant) Crush: None Kids: None Other: His cousin is Nightcrawler. He hides really well in shadows. He is very skilled in sword fighting and shooting (bow and arrow) This is MY oc. Steal it...And your dead.
Créé par: Wolverine...

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