~::Flowery Kiss::~

~::Flowery Kiss::~
Alois had snuck off again. Claude groaned, the boy couldn't keep shirking his duties, he had reports to finish and then his piano lessons. With a shake of his head the butler set off to find the wayward earl. He found him in the garden sitting next to a pink rose bush, he had picked several and was busy stripping off the thorns and forming the roses into some sort of crown. He looked up as Claude approached, a frown puckering his brow. "You're not 'spose to find me yet, Claude!" he snapped. "It's not finished!" The demon stopped and stared almost dumbfoundedly at the boy for a moment. "I'm sorry?" he said confused. Alois huffed, clearly irritated and went back to his rose crown. "Your Highness," Claude said, the blond ignored him. "Your Highness, you cannot run off to play when there's still work to be done, please come-" "Finished!" Alois interrupted, jumping up happily and bounding over to the silently fuming butler. He instinctively lifted his arms as the boy leapt into his arms, giggling and placing the rose crown on his head. "Do you like it?" Alois asked sweetly, leaning to speak in his butler's ear. "Yes, Your Highness, it's very lovely," Claude answered honestly, it always surprised him when the boy was sweet like this. Alois leaned his head down and pressed his mouth to Claude's, the kiss was soft and sweet. When he pulled back Claude smiled at him, grinning back Alois threw his arms around his butlers head and laid his chin on the older male's hair. "I'm glad," he whispered softly. ~ Flowery Kiss by Entropic_Rose
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peques22 dit:

Il y a 1759 jours
☼....( ¹,)..(,¹ )….☼ 5+ stars for you! Ü♥
Wonderful work of art!
Thanks for you comments!
kisses and hugs! Ü♥

japanfan12345 dit:

Il y a 1760 jours
 /\.../\   	*stunning!*  
=‘•.•’=	*fantastic!*
.♥**♥	*beautiful!*

japanfan12345 dit:

Il y a 1760 jours
Awww, that story is incredibly adorable. I love it <3

Aky_ dit:

Il y a 1760 jours
+5 *^*

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