Long time.

Long time.
Pretty sure no one is on here anymore. Maybe there is a couple people here but mostly new people, not ones I knew from all the way back in 2009-2011? I just tried making a blingee but hell, it's so slow lmao. I don't recall if it was always this slow or not but it was such a pain in the ass just putting black ink on that single picture. Anyways, it's 2015 and no one that I know is on and it's super empty and very quiet. I have some old friends that I knew on here added on facebook, but I don't even use facebook anymore. (So, I apologize if any of you who still roam on here have tried to contact me on there.) I think I can admit to moving on from this site. I have found more things to look at and discover. Oh, trust me, I haven't moved on from the internet, I use it more than ever. But new social media and all these random stuff on here caught my attention. I recently just figured out my password for this and decided to see what was up and it's just gone. The whole vibe that this site had back in the day. Gone. This site introduced me to whats so called "internet friends" and realize that I literally could be anyone that I wanted to be and just be myself on here. I loved getting the type of attention where I felt that I could talk to any random person and just somehow connect with them. I do always wonder where everyone went, and how everyone is doing. I don't know who will read this, I really don't. But if there IS anyone here that did read this, I just want to say hello and that I hope everything is going great for you. You know who you are. And I hope you remember who I am. I might drop by on here sometimes to see if anything changed but I highly doubt it's going to happen. So, yeah I can say my grammar has changed, more educated on things and what not, I mean that's something? lmao. But yeah, okay I'm just gonna leave this here. Bye, blessings to all.
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