Wʜᴀᴛ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴᴇᴅ?!

Wʜᴀᴛ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴᴇᴅ?!
【16.08.2019】•【15:20】well,i'm not completely sure what actually happened. but one thing is sure. i proved them that i'm more stronger than anyone. because i revived and handle their worst enemy: wen ruohan. i'm gonna enter to details. so if you want to know,continue reading. (i'm not sure how many of you will read though. not sure my sora-chan will want to read this,too,since she said before she doesn't like this anime.) well,this thing happened three days ago. i waited a little bit before i wanted to start explaining on here,since i wasn't sure it's going to happen anything else. after what happened there,i was sure that it's going to have negative after effects. but it didn't,fortunately. few days after i revived wen ruohan,i went to lan wangji to announce him,his return. i am the closest to lan wangji,from all the characters from this anime. so,the best would be first,to talk with him. i also brought ruohan there,at wangji's sect. wangji,seeing ruohan with me,he thought he will attack me. so he screamed "princess,be careful!" and went to attack ruohan with his sword. but,i defended him,using my sword. i said "wait,wangji,let me explain." i told him that i revived ruohan because of his powers. he has an incredible power,which would be very useful for us,in battles. people started to gather around us,seeing their ex-enemy. i also told wangji,i succed to make him fight for good. out of nowhere,jiang cheng appeared. seeing ruohan,he was shocked. i told him also same thing and he told me to go to talk him in private. he brought me inside,in a room,where we were only us. he told me that it's no good what i did. you never know what ruohan has inside his head and he could attack us anytime. i told him that he is perfectly under control. i will fight him if he ever wants to fight them. thing that i'm pretty sure he doesn't want. i told him that he agreed making peace with the other sects he was at first,their enemy. cheng was silent a little bit,thinking. after a few seconds,he said "alright then. i fully trust you." and i-i b-blushed. o.O going back outside,i saw wangji talking to ruohan. i'm not sure what they were talking,since when they noticed me,they stopped. wangji smiled to me and said "it's alright" and went inside. i left with ruohan,telling me that his sect was totally destroyed and he doesn't has a home now. i told him to brought me where his sect was. seeing it destroyed,i used my powers to the fullest and i was able to rebuild his building. i told him that i can revive his sons if he wants so. (yeah,he had two sons) but he said it's alright,i don't have to. we both laughed and then...he...hugged me. i was shocked at first,but since i love huggies,i hugged him back. *^* since then,nothing weird happened. it seems that the other sects are okay with him,i noticed he sometimes visits them. everything seems to be fine. and i really hope it'll continue to be like that.
Créé par: Teodoruka

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Very awesome artwork!.
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