I feel numb without you Pennywise

I feel  numb without you Pennywise
I walked out in the rain and looked at the sky. "I hope you're doing alright my Penny. I miss you so much. I hope wherever you are it's happy." I quietly sobbed as I talked to him. Losing Pennywise to the Coronavirus was painful. Because of him being not human made it worse. I sat down in the rain just feeling numb. "Penny...what do I do now? I feel numb without you." I weeped quietly. Then I felt a presence lean against my back like if he was there. A red balloon came floating down from above with a message. Instead of "I love Derry" it said "I love you" on the balloon. I silently sobbed and smiled at the gift from above. Then I felt cold lips on my cheek like a kiss. I quickly turned around and saw a faint image of Pennywise standing there as if he were a ghost. "Penny!" I squealed running to hug him. Instead of the feel of his embrace I went right through him and hit the ground hard crying. Ghost Pennywise lifts me up to put me at my feet. I sobbed uncontrollably. Pennywise lifts my chin up. "I'm still here with you see? The heavens wouldn't accept a demon ghost sooo I'm staying here with you!" His voice echoes. I sobbed happily even though I couldn't physically touch him although he could touch me. Pennywise lifts me up in the air and kisses me.
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great job

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