Rᴀɪᴢᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ Fʀᴀɴᴋᴇɴsᴛᴇɪɴ

Rᴀɪᴢᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ Fʀᴀɴᴋᴇɴsᴛᴇɪɴ
【04.05.2020】•【21:58】 as i've said in my previous blingee with those two, i was gonna try to find if raizel has a connection with my family. and i've found out many things. i'm gonna tell them right here, right now. so, i've found more about my past. i went to talk to raizel, but he kept acting suspiciously, like keeping telling me i'm beautiful and also managed to activate my vampire powers. (he's a noble vampire, in anime he's presented as the most powerful through nobles. but since he's the most powerful, i kept thinking about a possiblity that he could be a kin of mine, since my family is the most strongest family through nobles since we are royals) next day, i went again to talk to him, and i told him that he is really suspicious. he said "if you don't trust me, fine, i'll change it" and he gave me a vision. in that vision, he had a fight with my father. after that, the time went when my father was bitten by a werewolf. that was the moment when i saw him almost dying. i saw rai coming into the castle. when my mother was prepared to give my father her blood to save him, rai told her he's gonna do it. when my father woke up, asked him why did he did that. rai said "i'm helping an old friend" the next thing i saw, was rai, going outside, but stopped at my door and watched me crying in alucard's arms. i wanted to see more, so next day i went again to talk to him. he gave me another vision. it was when he was young. rai's parents were friends with my grandparents. after rai was born, my grandparents kept visiting them, even helping them with stuff. after my father was born, my grandparents couldn't visit them anymore, but they came to them instead. i think you all know already that the sword i have, is called "the blessed sword" and my previous was a priest. he believed that if he kills my family, he will stop the curse. because in the end, even if it's called "the blessed sword" it's more of a curse since you can kill literally everything with it, and has your destiny inside. my grandparents let my father on rai's hands, including rai. but rai didn't wanted to stay in the castle, since he was young, he was curious. and followed my grandparents. my grandparents went somewhere far away from the castle, it was more like a battlefield background. they tried to tell the priest the truth, but he was like consumed by hatred and despair that he killed them. he sensed rai after a tree, watching him. he wanted to kill rai too, but that was the moment when rai's powers showed up. he killed the priest, bringing the sword to the castle. last night i wanted to know why rai and my father had that fight back then. he wanted to give me a vision again, but i told him he should explain me and no more visions. he told me it was back when the crusades were going on. he fall asleep in a deep sleep. but i already knew that since i watched the anime. he told me something woke him up. a strange feeling. he woke up from the coffin he was sleeping and went to the castle. "a new girl was born. but what was that strange feeling?" he said. he entered into the castle, seeing the queen and the king, holding their new born daughter. they told him to come closer. seeing me, he touched my face, telling me that i tightened his finger into my fist. he said he never saw something more pure and beautiful. after that day, he went to sleep again, but after 8 years, he woke up again, sensing the danger. he went to the castle and he warned my father, telling him that the werewolves were coming. the war between vampires and werewolves started. he told my father "you should give me the princess. i can bring her to a safe place, she'll be with me" but my father refused, telling him "she is with alucard, so she is safe. he will protect her" rai furious said "are you leaving her with that person?" rai told me "i knew what alucard did. i knew his sin. but i couldn't tell your father since i didn't wanted to be the one who betrayed the prince. i knew what he was up to, but i couldn't spoke about it" my father already angered told rai ""that person" you say? raizel, "that person" is the prince! how dare you to name him like this! even if you are noblesse, you are not from the royal family and you cannot just spit hatred while you're talking about us. leave! i will not give you the princess!" rai told me "feeling the anger, i decided to listen to him and leave. he was my friend, but...he was right. knewing what alucard did, i couldn't trust him. but, where was my respect? being the noblesse, i had to be recognized for my respect towards the big families. why i was angered for the fact that the king didn't wanted to give me the princess? what i wanted to do with you back then, anyways? that was the moment when i realized i fall in love with you. without wanting, without knewing, i did it. i knew something was wrong, and i decided to not go back to coffin, until that day passes. in the evening, i felt a strange feeling in my stomach. i run to the castle, and from here you know what happened." tears began to flow on my cheeks. i was frowned, by the tears didn't wanted to stop. rai got up from the couch which was sitting in front of me, and came next to me, erasing my tears. seeing him so close to me, i knew what was gonna happen next. he was erasing my tears very gentle, while he kept coming close to my face. he begun to close his eyes slowly, getting closer to me. our lips were almost touching, but i didn't wanted it to happen, so i touched his hand, our powers touching, creating us some sort of pain. he suddenly opened his eyes, which were bright red now. he looked at me, putting his forehead on mine. "i will protect you from everything" he said, that he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. tears were still flowing, but i didn't wanted to let this control me. i said i have to go, but before i leaved, he said "i'm going to wait for you to come others nights as well". i told him "why are you gonna wait for me, since you are everyday in my room, anyways?" then i left. last night, i wanted to talk to frankenstein about what he thinks about raizel being in love with me. i told rai to leave us alone. frankie invited me to stay on the same couch where i stand when i talked to rai. (we were in the same room) i asked him and he said "at first,i didn't know he was in love with you. until he told me. and this was after he woke up from that long sleep. since then, i noticed he does the things pretty different than he used to. even if he was behaving pretty well with raskeria (she's a noble girl which had feelings for rai) you were his only one. and now he managed to tell you what he feels about you. i always supported him in everything he did. even if i thought it was pretty dangerous at first, now i really support him in this. even if he's noblesse, he's not royal, so he has a lower rank." i asked him what he thinks about me. he told me "what i think? well, i think you're a beautiful young lady, and even if you are cold at the beginning, you get warmer. i really think we managed to build a friendship, even if we barely talked. my appreciation and respect towards you are huge." i smiled and i told him "alright then, can you please bring rai, friend?" when he heared the word "friend" he smiled he brought rai, and i told him to sit next to me. i asked him to tell me one more time what he thinks about me. and sincerely, i didn't cared much, because i already knew. i just wanted to initiate a conv so it won't be awkward. he told me things *bla bla bla* and i got closer to his face. he closed his eyes, preparing to kiss me. but i stopped. i stopped and looked at him. when he, out of nowhere, pushed himself into my lips. i wanted this to happen, but...something went wrong. it was a simple kiss. he opened my mouth and touched my tongue with his. he put a hand on my waist, and i put one on his shoulder. and i honestly, haven't thought that far. i haven't thought that he'll be that greedy. he was opening my mouth more widely, made the kiss more wet and kept pushing himself into my face. the kiss was so long, it lasted somewhere at three minutes, probably even more than that. until i broke it. but he came closer to me, and kissed me again, even more wildly. it didn't lasted as the first time, since he also noticed that he should stop. i wanted to get up, but since his hand was on my waist, he stopped me, and hugged me. he was somehow bent to me, while catching my waist with both of his hands. i also hugged him, surrounding his neck with my arms. we stayed a few like this, but i didn't pushed him away, since i also love hugs. i got up and went in front of the balconly, which was opened. he said "i'm still gonna wait for you" i stopped, and told him "i don't think i'm going to come more. in the end, i'm an engaged woman." he told me calmly "but you didn't hold back to kiss me, did you?" and i haven't answered, just looked on the balcony with empty eyes. he said "what about you? what do you feel about me?" i said "i don't even know!!!" and i left. really tend to believe now that he's gonna be in my destiny. since my other sister, the one who controls my destiny ships me with him for real. can he be in my destiny, though? what do i really feel about him? do i really love him? what my father is gonna say? is he agreeing with rai loving me, then becoming in a relationship and in the end, getting married? what is gonna happen?
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mariefrancois... dit:

Il y a 65 jours
★     *           *  bonjour 
......_/|_ ....... .(' " " ()... fantastique
.....>,"< .......("( 'o' , )...belle création
............★....(")(")(,,)...._/|_ 5****star
...★............................ >,"< j'adore
merci pour les commentaire et vote
bonne journée...♥

Birgit3 dit:

Il y a 67 jours
Nur kurz!!!!!
Alle 5***** und lg

BELV dit:

Il y a 67 jours
Une bougie allumée c'est la flamme qui brille dans notre cœur. Cette flamme c'est l'amitié.
         |::::::|  La bougie magique de l'amitié
         |::::::| pour toi l'ami(e) derrière l'écran

kruczek1 dit:

Il y a 67 jours
all Star for you *******

_mitchy_16 dit:

Il y a 67 jours
Sweeeet :D

bmh1953 dit:

Il y a 67 jours

HannahJuly dit:

Il y a 67 jours
5 stars

normaly217 dit:

Il y a 67 jours
5 excelente !!

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