Wʜᴀᴛ ᴍʏ Dᴇsᴛɪɴʏ ᴛʜɪɴᴋs?

Wʜᴀᴛ ᴍʏ Dᴇsᴛɪɴʏ ᴛʜɪɴᴋs?
【12.08.2020】•【22:53】 there is such a long story. let me start with the beginning. imma try to make it as short as i can. as i've mentioned in my other blingees, i fall in love with those three boys. i discovered that after i kiss the respective guy, they will have permission to make the destiny test. because that kiss "opens the gate", to call it like this. as i've said in a previous blingee, i kissed rai, some time ago. ever since then, we kept talking like friends, but nothing more happened. probably only a few kisses more. i asked him if he believes in destiny and he said that he does. next one is kakashi. we've been friends for some time. very close friends. he helped me reviving some people, by showing me where they died/their grave. he also introduced me to tsunade. so we've been very close friends. he held a big respect for me, i felt it. so did i, for him. few weeks ago, he finally did it. he kissed me. i went outside with tsunade and kakashi and we talked for a little bit, in a park, staying on a bench. after tsunade left, kakashi kissed me. it was a simple kiss. the next day we met again and he kissed me more passionately. after a few days, i went to his house. he just finished showering, so he didn't had a shirt. i was a little bit embarrassed, but he said that i shouldn't be. we talked a little bit, then i jumped into his arms, kissing him. he confessed his love towards me, but i was too troubled to think clear. because i never thought that would happen. and i said that i have to leave. next day, i went again to his house and i also confessed. ever since then, we are on very good terms, we still talk to each other and when we're alone, he always kisses me. next one, is itachi. well, here is more complicated. cause it was really hard for me to make him fall in love with me. we kept seeing each other every two or three days, we kept talking for like three weeks. in the third week, after we finished talking (we kept seeing each other in front of sakura's and sasuke's house) i felt someone was spying us. i hid in some bushes and looked at itachi, going inside of the house. when he reached the door's threshold, sasuke came out. he saw itachi very troubled and asked him what's going on. itachi replied "i don't know either sasuke." he replied with "itachi, you know you can talk to me about what's troubling you" and itachi said that he knows. next day, i went to talk to tsunade about kakashi and itachi. she said that she would be very happy if i'm kakashi's soulmate cause he always wanted a family. i would be perfect for him, she said. i blushed and told her about itachi. she said that she doesn't know what to say here since she was fighting against him. but she recommended me that i should talk to sasuke and see if itachi told him something. i said alright and i left. two days after, i went to talk to itachi again. and this time, i kissed him. it was a simple kiss and a fast one. like, i only pressed my lips against his and that was all. itachi didn't said anything, but after like two seconds, he started to kiss me passionately. i blushed and continued the kiss. he said "i..." i said "oh?" and he continued "i..." i smiled and hugged him very tightly. he broke the hug after a few, and said "i...love you" and kissed me again. i said "i love you also" and continued the kiss for a few more. after that, i hugged him one more time, then i left. next day, i went to talk to sasuke. he told me he never saw itachi so troubled before. because he was always rational and was always thinking clear. but this time, nobody knows what happened to him. he said that once, when he cooked, he was looking straight forward, on the window, without saying anything or doing anything. he seemed lost in his thoughts. sasuke saw him, put his hand on his shoulder and said gently "itachi". itachi came outside from his thoughts, but he burnt his hand. sasuke said that sakura thinks he is in love with me. i thanked him, then left. ever since then, we are still talking, we are on good terms, he kissed me two times more. now, the most important part. two days ago, i wanted to talk to my destiny. because i wanted to know her opinion in this. i told her why i was there but she told me she already knew. she said she could feel my needs and she knew what i wanted to ask her. i told her to start with rai, first. because i wanted to know if there was something i could do. (apparently, rai cannot really use his powers. everytime when he is using them, his life gets shorter. and i wanted to help him) i'm quoting what she said "yes, you can help him. only, you have to be together with him. before you combine your powers (my powers are combined with all the boys from my destiny), you use your healing or resurrection power on him and he will be healed (i asked her if otherwise it is not possible, such as not being with him but still healing him) unfortunately not, it is not possible, you have to do it of your own free will, not just because you feel sorry for him. but as far as i know, your father promised you to raizel a long time ago. (i told her to explain) when your mother was pregnant with you, your father was still talking to raizel. it happened before he fell into that long sleep. raizel told him what his problems were, and your father said you were the only one who could cure him. he promised you your hand before alucard. because the thing with alucard happened after you were born. that's how it works in the royal family. he hoped that you could choose the person you love, not be forced to love someone. because yes, he loves you that much. even if he wanted to, by the promise he made to raizel, he practically put the two of you in a kind of curse. even if the word "curse" is too much said. wherever you are, you two will always meet. and in the end you will be together, you will get married and you will carry the royal blood on. (i told her what i want to do, first i want to finish the manga and now if anime appears, i want to watch and then, to be with rai together, because i don't want to have surprises like i had with alucard) it is understandable. losing your fiance was not an easy moment. it's understandable that you want to take action. very well. as for kakashi and itachi, I feel like they would both pass the test. what are you going to do about them? (i told her that i want to finish the anime) i understood. (i also told her about the destiny test phase, that i managed to not let them to take the test. because not long after i kissed rai, i felt a pain in my chest. but i was able to stop it. same with kakashi. not long after, i felt that same pain in my chest. most probably they wanted to take the test, but somehow, i was able to control it) this power came to you after you lost alucard. you didn't have it before. but now you do. you control a part of your destiny on your own. you may or may not allow those who want to enter your destiny. the loss of alucard infuriated you so much that you managed to take some of your destiny into your own hands. and congratulations on that. but unfortunately, that's the least you can do." after that, i asked her about my wings. i'm not sure if i've mentioned before, but i have an angel form. a black angel one. my wings look like sephiroth's wing. but i have two. and rai has also wings, but they are more demon-like. and i wanted to know if that entity has something to do with rai or with sephiroth. she replied that it has to do with rai. since my father made that "pact" with rai, where he promised him that i'm gonna marry him, i'm basically bounded with him. i discovered that entity when i met sephiroth because he helped me discover myself. he helped me dig deeper into myself and helped me understand who i am. but that entity is bounded with rai.
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