Uchiha Ami... badly done =[

Uchiha Ami... badly done =[
well, after getting tired of waiting for more manga, i created a few characters in my head, no.1 is here! Shortly after her birth, her mother was killed by her abusive dad, at age 7 she ran away, only just avoiding the 'massacre' of her clan. She met Hitori + kinomi along the way, from the mist + waterfall village. She has a strange type of jinchuuriki in her, but its not like the kyuubi at all. The spirit is a two-tailed wolf, black with blue tips on its ears and tail, which is nameless, so she calls it a jinchuuriki anyway. She was captured by the akatsuki, but her power overwhelmed her, so she ended up staying hidden in the akatsuki base training out of will, they couldnt get rid of her, so she remained secret. She knew that tobi was uchiha madara, and so devoted herself to secretly figuring out his weaknesses, whilst he was unaware. her sharingan is at Lv. 5, which is 2 levels more than sasuke / kakashis. she runs into naruto, and meets sasuke, long story short after killing sasukes teammates she convinces him to train with her in order to defeat madara. they seek refuge at the sand village, and after meeting gaara, she falls in love =D well, so does gaara, but after a rainy scene on the balcony outside gaaras ...room? they end up kissing, however, without knowing naruto spies on them =O thats it so far xD
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gaaraofthefun... dit:

Il y a 4666 days
i think it lokks good!! 5/5

-x-vampire-do... dit:

Il y a 4705 days
okay, i missed out er 'single whiskers' so im gonna remake her, oh and her fringe is supposed to cover her right eye

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