Miss Catoni's War on Drugs and Hate

Miss Catoni's War on Drugs and Hate
Miss Catoni Is Tired Of Every Body Hatin on Others! Can't We All Just Get Along and Chill! Here's to Killin Hate, and Letting People Live Free of It! Not Only that,...but maybe if we'd legalize drugs then we could spend that money we spend supporting backward antics, to deal with the 'real' issues, which most likely can't be blamed on the drugs directly, but more likely the issues driving 'users and abusers' TO 'use and abuse drugs and alcohol, even sex money and power! I personally think a lot of people use drugs because they're dealing with hate,...even if it's only hate toward them selves, maybe because they listened and believed that someone else was right to hate on them, whether it be they're not good looking enough, or the right color, race, size, shape, religion, fat, skinny, whether they have no talent or skills, or they don't dress or speak right,..What Ever Negativity that they choose to let effect/infect them,..US,....Can hold us back,....IF WE CHOOSE TO ALLOW IT TO! I mean,...I Personally believe that WE ARE ALL SELF-BOUND in Some Way or Another! I Also Have To Say I'm also NOT AT ALL CONDONING DRUG USE, but I'd rather people had a choice whether or not to Let It Affect them More Directly than I'm Personally Feeling Infected Indirectly (Like All of Us Are Paying SOOO MUCH FOR) and I'm Blaming Hard Drugs (like Meth, Heroin, X, Cocaine) For The Literal Breakdown of Our Communities WORLD WIDE! I think that the Inflation to Fund to Clean Up and Criminalize Drugs, IS THE PROBLEM Causing the middle class to become poor, the poor to become homeless and even more desperate to steal, pollute, and cause crime to secure three hots and a cot While the rich are not really getting richer! I think the people being taken from the RESPONSIBILITIES of Supporting their families due to drugs Causes More Stress on Communities and Tax Payers to Support instead and the supposed 'criminal' isn't able to contribute or tend to HIS or HER 'own' RESPONSIBILITIES! I just think 'people' will do what they're going to do,...whether we resist them or not, and probably even do it more because they're NOT SUPPOSED TO!...Look at all the jail space that our tax paying dollars wouldn't have to pay for any longer if we legalized and restructured drug laws alone,...Those dollars could be used to deal with the 'real issues instead, like 'Killin Hate'! I Truly Wish that was the only 'Killin' that would ever Happen! I Wish People Would Value People More Than Money, After All, Each Individual IS PRICELESS (whether they'd like to believe so or not!) Let's Ban Together To Kill Hate! Maybe We All Could Wipe Out World Wide Wars (of Any Kind 'Usually Money Based) Let's do unite The Whole Wide World to Fight a War On Hate and Kill It,...Quit it,...Shoot People With Cameras or Film instead of Guns, and if you want to fight so bad,...I'm All For The Dominance and Submission of Life,..But Have Your Face Off in Mutual Consent and Agreement, Don't cause Harm to Another Unless They Consent and Agree to Have the Exchange of A Challenge! If You Love Someone You Should Never Want to Hurt Them,...Maybe Love Them More,..Enough to Let Them Go And Be RESPONSIBLE enough to Make Their Own Choices! I'm not talking about a complete Lack of Order Either, Just a Restructuring,..Maybe a Simple Questioning into one's self if they find their selves pointing a finger at someone else,...After all, If you're pointing your finger at someone else, there are three times as many pointing back at yourself! So If I could be so naive as to think You'd Want My Advice on Where to start,...Look in the mirror when you feel negativity toward anything, After all,...We Allow our Feelings (whatever they are) to Control Us, If We Take Responsibility to Our Selves, Maybe our youth will learn what they live,...Like they inevitably WILL,...and they'll TAKE RESPONSIBILITY For Them Selves! I Honestly Believe that Our Only REAL Job As Parents of the WORLD,......Is to Raise Our Children To Be Independent, and Take Care of Their 'OWN' RESPONIBILITIES! How Will They Know How To Do That If They Don't See Us, Their Hope to Be Loved and Cared For, Healthy and Fed, Nurtured and Supported,...Blessed, if we don't set an example for them to learn from? I know I've said it a lot,..I just think the one word CAN CHANGE THE WORLD,...If the World Decided It Wanted to Change! RESPONSIBILTY Let's Do Hope We Will All Know Sweet Bondage Dreams, and NOT Let negativity or Hate Hold Us Back! Break Free of Our Bindings, Unless we Want them of course!~D Muacks,..Miss Catoni
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