The World Through Miss Catoni's Eyes

The World Through Miss Catoni's Eyes
I May Have a Sideways View On things,..But I try and stay open-minded! I have faith that everything happens for a reason, and I want to embrace all that happens in my life so that I might see the Better Me! I Pray that the World will take RESPONSIBILITY and just Love All Others,...Even if they don't agree with them or Like Them! In My Family we grew up with a few sayings I'd LOVE to SEE the WHOLE WIDE WORLD Take a Second to REALLY ‘THINK’ ABOUT!~D I don't always like you, but I ALWAYS LOVE YOU! (I like to agree to disagree-but I like to ‘try’ to see the world through the eyes of others,..eventhough I can only truly ‘see’ through ME, and My Own Experience-To Empathize and Relate!) Whether You 'Think' You Can,...or You 'Think' You Can't,... You're Right! (I Like To Think 'I' Can Change The World With Just One Word,…RESPONSIBILITY!) Be Careful What You Wish For,.. You Just Might Get It! (I try to be careful if I feel Expectation, I feel it’s sometimes a door that leads to Disappointment!) If you are polite, and you use your manners, Not Only Can You Have ANYTHING in the Whole Wide World that you WANT,... People Will Be Happy To Give It To You! When Others Are Testing You,…You Have To Ask Yourself If You CARE To Pass! (I think WE ARE EACH ONE, Only Bound By Our Selves!) Think EVERY THOUGHT As If It Were Written In The Clouds For All To READ: In All Actuality,… IT IS! Thank You Sooooo Much If you DID read this! I Already Feel Blessed! It Just Showed That You CARED TO! And You May Not Be Able To Do Anything About What Others Do, or Try and Do To You, But YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE IN HOW YOU ACT-REACT-AFFECT-INFECT Others,..and Attitudes Are Contagious,….Is YOURS ‘worth’ Catching? Hot Kisses, and I Hope Your Restraints on YOURSELF will become,…Bondage Dreams! OXXX, Miss Catoni
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