[Created 1/22/09] From her frozen abode, the Priestess of the Seasons keeps watch for signs of Spring! Those who enjoyed the pastoral view from seasons past have gone to seek refuge from the bitter cold that most of God's creatures avoid. But look! There are signs of life ... the snow crane circles a holding pattern, waiting. And a few more winged wonders hover nearby. And the turquoisine, crystalline Star of Life shines a faint promise of more seasons of Spring surely to come. All of nature waits. Yes even now within the drapery of Winter's tapestry all are WAITING FOR SPRING! ----------------------- [Note: This is an actual photo taken 1/20/09 of the first snowfall for this winter season. Although it looks black and white, the camera settings were in full color for this picture and the view was overlooking the pond right outside my front door. We usually store away the adirondack chairs that you see in the photo but we forgot all about them. Lucky for me when it snowed here on Tuesday 1/20/09 that the chairs were still in place to provide the setting for a great photo opp! :D ------------------------------ And, I want to say a word about doing blingees: I thought that doing glitter work was hard! My gosh, working on this piece was very difficult in trying to get all the frames layered just right! Now I look forward to trying to perfect glitter techniques LOL. The "teal" glitter frame that I used in this piece turns out to actually be BLUE-ISH and doesn't quite match the teal theme. But that's what happens when you're pushing 50 and have to use the friggin magnifier tool just to see what you're doing online! LOL! You "youngsters" who might be chuckling, you just wait! LOL! After having just made this blingee, I've entered it into 2 competitions (Artistic and Winter) and with 12 hours left to go, I hope I rank okay! I usually am not competitive but this is fun y'all! And I want to say THANK YOU to my friend Leva/Ercassiel whose work inspires me all the time to try and become a better blingster!] ------------------------------------ A WARNING TO CANNIBALS: DO NOT STEAL MY BLINGEES. THIS INCLUDES NOT DOWNLOADING THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER AND REUPLOADING THEM AS ONE OF YOUR STAMPS TO MAKE YOUR OWN BLINGEE OUT OF MY ORIGINAL BLINGEE. DOING SO IS AGAINST TERMS OF USE AND THE BLINGEE TEAM WILL MAKE YOU REMOVE THE STOLEN WORK AND MAY EVEN KICK YOU OFF THE SITE!
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o0o_rose_o0o dit:

Il y a 3970 jours
5 stars

lacestar dit:

Il y a 3986 jours
Just beautiful! 5*s

MsYamiYugi dit:

Il y a 3987 jours

borzoilvr dit:

Il y a 3987 jours
I think we are all waiting for spring, tomorrow is suppose to be warm :)

XenaCharmed dit:

Il y a 3998 jours
Beautiful photo, and you Blinged it out perfectly :) [And lovely story too :D]

SwtKat5 dit:

Il y a 4015 jours
This is beautiful! I can see that you put a lot of work into it. You did a fantastic job! I loved your story too.

peanut-69 dit:

Il y a 4016 jours
Oh, how I love the main colors together, so pretty. 5 star

karen0428 dit:

Il y a 4017 jours
What a lovely piece of art this is and the story behind it is beautiful as well.

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