A Mermaid's Birthday~

A  Mermaid's Birthday~
A beautiful Mermaid named Kimariel was sitting atop a reef watching the calm ocean which had been strewn with colored paper lanterns much earlier in the day. The lanterns now, sparkled across the water giving the appearance of a lovely diamond necklace in the dark. The lanterns had been set up to guide the guests to Kimariel's birthday party situated in a safe and very secret spot deep inside the reef. She could see a string of mermaids leaping out of the water following the lights straight for her. She jumped with glee, her hair sparkling with blue and gold in the moonlight and dove deep into the sea and into the reef to let everyone know the guests were arriving. She rushed into a huge chamber to begin getting ready for her guests. Though she was excited to see all her friends and relatives, many of whom she had not seen since she was a child, there was one guest in particular she was especially anxious to look good for; her betrothed whom she had never met. As was customary in mercouples, the betrothed are only to meet on the eve of the mermaids 17th birthday, which meant TONIGHT for it was Kimariels's 17th birthday. She had waited for this moment her whole life. She already knew by the sound of his name, this was the merman she was meant to be with; Danielathor. She shivered at the thought of his name. She looked into the mirror carefully stringing fresh roses and daisies into her bright red locks. Her sisters had risked going to the land to gather them for her. She would never forget such a gift. "Kimariel...come my child, it's time! Everyone is here!" her mother called to her opening the door. "EVERYONE is here?" asked Kimariel very shyly looking down. Her mother laughed, "Yes my little pearl, EVERYONE is here." she stretched out her hand, "Come." Kimariel checked herself once more in the mirror, then turned and took her mothers hand and went to celebrate the greatest birthday she would ever remember. To one of my dearest friends Kim. Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart. I created this Blingee solely for you because I wanted to give you something special, and I knew you loved mermaids. I hope it gives you some joy on this most special of days. May your day be filled with as much love and joy as you give to all of us here who love you very much. The Happiest Of Birthdays My Dearest Friend~ Love, Leva
Créé par: Ercassiel

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Ckes0521 dit:

Il y a 3962 jours
Breathtaking! What a wonderful story too! 

pissknitte dit:

Il y a 4057 jours

ro22a dit:

Il y a 4058 jours
very good job who gave you the idea

SedatedStare dit:

Il y a 4091 jours
I love your work.  You have an artistic touch in everything you do. 

tikayhill dit:

Il y a 4108 jours
Just BeautifuL!!! I love you so much! Im sure everyone misses you just as much as I do...this is utter perfection and the story...wonerful, you need much more room to embellish your stories...perhaps a book is in the works?

christina_nacr dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
the fram and the glitter!
just perfect!
and the story id very sweet:D

dolcemelodia dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
beautiful, how do you create blingee so bright?

Tirsah dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
I know I'm repeating myself, but my english is not good enough to find more superlatives for your blingees. So: beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, awsome, great. *****

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