~for all mah lovey dovey sisterz!!~ **ill be leaving! really long description but please read!***

~for all mah lovey dovey sisterz!!~  **ill be leaving! really long description but please read!***
~*april 03,2009*~ the names are not in order! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I ♥ you guyz so much! thanks for all.. wait... every thing you've done for me! sorry to start off like that but i have to tell you guys something... Im gonna be leaving tomorrow ((which is april 04)) idk when ill be back! I dont even know IF ill come back again! i have these problems i have to solve and i need to go move to a place where i think there is no computers! ((damn place!)) im really sorry if im gonna be OFFLINE for a very, super duper kinda long time!!! but when i get on i promise to talk to all of you! hope some of you arent mad at me! you guys mean a lot to me! so i just really hope that NONE OF YOU WILL FORGET ME WHILE IM GONE and maybe i just thought that wen i get back NONE OF YOU EVEN KNOW I EXIST ANYMOre.... =/ so yah.... i love you all! please dont forget meh! i ♥ you all so so much! i cant take that ull forget meh... and thank you for every word, every compliment, every smile and laugh you made me do, every great blingee you made me up to the very last detail!, The secrets some shared w/ me, for keeping the secrets i gave you, the games of La La Land I played with you, the Trust you gave me and most of all Thanks For being My Sister! I dont know where id be without you'all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: ((♥))Bee ~ hope ur not mad at me through those fight we had! i <33 u! ((♥))Rissy ~ I think You already know the full reason why im leaving for Some time! i wont forget to make those SWOOSH! sounds! lolz XP ((♥))Charly ~ thanks for being so kind to meh! ur like mah 2nd twin! lolz! ((♥))Tanja ~ guess you know sum of mah language now! lolz! thx for teaching me yours! I <33 U!((♥))Lia ~ ill miss you so much! please dont ever forget meh!!! I really <33 you!!! ((♥))Elvira ~ thanks for those sweet comments you always give meh! i <33 u! if ur shocked... Yes... UR one Of Mah Sisters! lol! ((♥))Mannu ~ Ur the sweetest person ever! im sorry if i havent been on lately! ((♥)) Emmie ~ we havent talked in a while but i remember the times we played la la land! lol! ((♥))Caits ~ I Love playing La La Land with you!!!! Ill miss you till the very end!!! ((♥))Cora ~ thanks 4 bein' there for me! and U rock! lolz! ((♥))Olivia ~ Ill miss u so so much! i love ur blingees! sorry 4 the times i accussed u for stealing some months ago! i still really <33 U! ((♥))Tara ~ Hey! ur so fun to talk too! this girl maybe one of the stamp makers that have gone in history! ((♥))Nikki ~ yup! heres mah partner! I <33 her so much! were the coolest pair youll ever meet! cuz were the pretty girls she's "Random Queen" and Im "Miss Insanity" lolz! ill miss u so much! ~~~*** I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH~ ***~~~ <33 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I promise ill be back! sorry for thos i forgot! i promise to make-up for the days im gone wen im back! cross my heart and hope to die! i <33 you! please dont ever forget meh! SONG TO ALL MAH SISTERS: "a thousand miles - by vanessa carlton"
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XxxxRissyxxxX dit:

Il y a 4116 jours
Nooooooo!!! Dont leave meh!!! Im gonna miss u too much!! Whos gonna make meh SWOOSH noise????

lovely_tara dit:

Il y a 4116 jours
awwwww ur LEAVING :( BYE !!!

Mannu967 dit:

Il y a 4116 jours
I am gonna miss U so much!! I ll make a special Blingee for U!! Promice!! Girl Im gonna miss U!! I ll never forget U SIS!!!

Mee667 dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
eila u have no idea to how much im gonna miss u! and i will never ever foret u!!
the blingees great!!!
and just because u cant talk to us doesnt mean u have to hate the place ur moving too!!lol i <33 u sis!


bubbles791 dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
elia look how much pplz miss u!!! ur meh bestest friend on blingee plz come on soon i miss u 2 bits!!!

boogaz77 dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
dont leave me eila

ashleytisdale... dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
COME BACK SOON!!! :) lolz i never had A FRIEND LIKE U!!! :)

SamluvsChris dit:

Il y a 4117 jours
I'm gonna miss u eila

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