Urban Legends:Bride & Go Seek

Urban Legends:Bride & Go Seek
((The Legend)):The corpse of a hiding go seek bride who disappeared on her wedding day is found in a locked trunk years later. ((As the Story is told by "PalmBeachDude," 03/15/00)):...Back in '75 a young couple, both 18, decided to get married right after high school. The father of the bride lived in Palm Beach in a mansion and was able to afford a big wedding for them. To make a long story short, they got married and the wedding was beautiful. After the wedding they had a big reception in an old building and everyone got pretty drunk. When there were only about 20 people left, the groom decided that they should play hide-and-seek. Everyone agreed and the groom was "it." They all went and hid and the game went on. After about 20 minutes everyone had been found except the bride. Everyone looked everywhere and tore the whole place apart looking for her. After a few hours the groom was furious, thinking the bride was playing a terrible trick. Eventually, everyone went home. A few weeks later the groom, having placed a missing persons report, gave up looking for her. Heartbroken, he tried to go on with his life. Three years later a little old woman was cleaning the place up. She happened to be in the attic and saw an old trunk. She dusted it off, and, out of curiosity, opened it. She screamed at the top of her lungs, ran out of the building and called the police. Apparently, the bride had decided to hide in the trunk for the game of hide-and-seek. When she sat down, the lid fell, knocking her unconcious and locking her inside. She suffocated after a day or so. When the woman found her, she was rotting, her mouth in the shape of a scream.... ~((Thomas Haynes Bayley (1797-1839) ballad )) ~THE MISTLETOE BOUGH~ THE MISTLETOE hung in the castle hall, The holly branch shone on the old oak wall; And the baron's retainers were blithe and gay, And keeping their Christmas holiday. The baron beheld with a father's pride His beautiful child, young Lovell's bride; While she with her bright eyes seemed to be The star of the goodly company. 'I'm weary of dancing now," she cried; "Here, tarry a moment-I'll hide, I'll hide! And, Lovell, be sure thou'rt first to trace The clew to my secret lurking place." Away she ran-and her friends began Each tower to search, and each nook to scan; And young Lovell cried, "O, where dost thou hide? I'm lonesome without thee, my own dear bride." They sought her that night, and they sought her next day, And they sought her in vain while a week passed away; In the highest, the lowest, the loneliest spot, Young Lovell sought wildly-but found her not. And years flew by, and their grief at last Was told as a sorrowful tale long past; And when Lovell appeared the children cried, "See! the old man weeps for his fairy bride." At length an oak chest, that had long lain hid, Was found in the castle-they raised the lid, And a skeleton form lay moldering there In the bridal wreath of that lady fair! 0, sad was her fate!-in sportive jest She hid from her lord in the old oak chest. It closed with a spring!-and, dreadful doom, The bride lay clasped in her living tomb! (((the legend itself is unclassifable veracity)))what this means is this legend is most commonly associated with "pure" urban legends — an entry that describes a plausible event so general that it could have happened to someone, somewhere, at some time, and is therefore essentially unprovable. Some legends that describe events known to have occurred in real life are also put into this category if there is no evidence that the events occurred before the origination of the legends.
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scorpio39 dit:

Il y a 3636 jours
oh so freakin' cool!! added to faves!

blh0861 dit:

Il y a 3644 jours
creeeeepppy with a tale to match!!! love it!!!

Pixytta dit:

Il y a 3645 jours
WOW! both blingee & legend are awesome, luv them both!

christina_nacr dit:

Il y a 3649 jours

muddk75 dit:

Il y a 3655 jours
Excellent story and blingee! 

maryannesabatino dit:

Il y a 3657 jours
Wow! Becky this is just amazing! Loved reading the legends and the blingee that you made for them....outstandingly beautiful! Perfection girl!

granny97 dit:

Il y a 3658 jours
this is just perfect for the story!! never heard this one very cool

sexylilmama1981 dit:

Il y a 3658 jours
this is wicked cool i luv it and the legend so creeps me out, im never playing hide and seek on my wedding day lol

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