"Dont cry..."

"Dont cry..."
Story: One evening Kara the hedgehog was walking in a park in Metal City, Westopolis. She was wondering why Shadow the hedgehog Hadnt noticed her yet. She thought about this for 30 minutes. Then someone bumped into her. "Hey!" She screamed. "Are you ok?" Came the vioce of Shadow the hedgehog. "Shadow?" "Did i hurt you? I'm sorry..." He said quickly. "No...I'm not hurt. Can i ask you something?" She asked. "Well, sure..." "Shadow, y havent u noticed me? Is it the things i say?" She asked. "No, it's just-" He was cut off. "Just what?! Is it me being too rich? Look!" - She took off everything that was expensive. And underneath it all, she had a normal black and red dress. It wasnt anything special like what she usually wears. She looked like a normal middle-class girl. - "Look at me! Underneath of all of it, i'm normal. I'm just like the next girl...So why dont u like me?..." She started to cry. "Kara...Look at me..." The black hedgehog said. She looked up, He was holding a rose. "Kara, I do love u...It's just i could never muster enough curage to talk to a beautifeul girl like u...I always thought to myself, What should i say? What will she say? Will she like me? And when i look up, youre gone. So, I never got around to talking to u. I always wondered what it would be like to be loved. I wanted u to love me. And now i know u want me to love you. So, here i am. I'm yours to love Kara the hedgehog." He said. She jumped into his arms and cryed tears of joy. The two found love. They were together... Ok, This took me 4 freakin times to write. My little sister kept closing the webpage.
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